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Michael Perlis, Ph.D.

Director of Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program, Associate Professor

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Michael L. Perlis, PhD is internationally known for his work in the area of Behavioral Sleep Medicine (BSM). He is a coauthor of the first text book in this field and he is the senior author of a published CBT-I treatment manual and a larger text summarizing all BSM treatments. His research includes neurocognitive phenomena in insomnia, the cognitive and/or behavior effects of sedative hypnotics and placebos, the development of alternative treatment approaches for insomnia, and sleep in depression. His work has been, and continues to be, funded by the National Institutes of Health and he has published more than 100 articles and chapters on the sleep research related topics.

In addition to his academic endeavors, he has served on the editorial boards of Sleep, the Journal of Sleep Research, the journal of Sleep Medicine Research and the journal of Behavioral Sleep Medicine. Dr. Perlis has also served as a member, or chair, of several committees and task forces of the Sleep Research Society and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and he was a founding member of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine and served as the society's first president (2010-2011).

CBT for Insomnia

Michael Perlis, Ph.D. |  Donn Posner, Ph.D., DBSM |  Jason Ellis, Ph.D.
21 Hours 31 Minutes
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