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Ben Furman, M.D.

In 1985 Ben and Tapani founded their company Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute (Lyhytterapiainstituutti) where Ben works as a trainer of solution-focused therapy, coaching and organizational development. Ben has been also an active media personality. He used to host his own TV-program (200 episodes) and has also run his own call-in radio program, both on Finnish National Broadcasting Company YLE.

Ben has written some twenty books many of which have been translated to a number of foreign languages. He is renowned internationally as a trainer of solution-focused psychology and an active innovator of solution-focused methods and tools such as Kids’ Skills and Steps of Responsibility for helping children overcome problems and ReteamingTwin-Star and Cooperation for teaching solution-focused psychology for leaders and staff of and organizations.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Ben Furman is founder of Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute.

Non-financial: Ben Furman has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.

Why Kids Hate Therapy and What You Can Do About It

Daniel Siegel |  Richard Simon |  Ben Furman |  Charlotte Reznick |  Janet Edgette |  Martha Straus |  Lynn Lyons |  Ron Taffel |  ....
10 Hours 30 Minutes
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Online Course
$199.95 Standard - $877.80

Playful Approaches with Kids and Teens: A Crash Course in the Kids’ Skills Method

Ben Furman
3 Hours 38 Minutes
Audio and Video
Mar 24, 2018
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Digital Seminar
$99.95 - 21FLASH Standard - $199.95

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