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Andrew Bein, PhD, LCSW

Andrew Bein, Ph.D., LCSW​, has, for 20 years, been implementing mindfulness-based practices and Dialectical Behavior Therapy at a variety of practice settings. In a manner responsive to clinician, client and contextual realities, he has launched and contributed to DBT integration at the following settings: community mental health, outpatient dual diagnosis, women’s substance abuse, crisis residential, and high school and he has incorporated DBT into his private practice for individual and group treatment. 

In addition to being a nationwide speaker, Dr. Bein is Professor Emeritus at Sacramento State University. His seminars blend evidence-based and practical-based guidance with compassion, humor and clarity, reflecting his deep commitment to directly modeling positive clinician practice. His latest book, Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Wellness and Recovery: Interventions and Activities for Diverse Client Needs, illustrates how DBT can be integrated into clinical practice for profound client change. 

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Andrew Bein has an employment relationship with Sunburst Project. He is an author for John Wiley and Sons and receives royalties. Dr. Bein receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Andrew Bein has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.

Digital Seminar

Adapting Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Everyday Clinical Needs

Andrew Bein
6 Hours 13 Minutes
Audio and Video
Sep 20, 2018
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Digital Seminar
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