The Mindfulness Toolbox for Relationships

50 Practical Tips, Tools and Handouts for Building Compassionate Connections
Donald Altman
PESI Publishing and Media 2018
ISBN 9781683731269


In a world that is rapidly and ever-changing, all the connections in our life demand more of us.

Whether loving or stressful, or both, balancing these relationships is tough. Fortunately, mindfulness practices show you how to make lasting relationships that are more manageable, meaningful, compassionate, and collaborative.

Award-winning mindfulness author and expert Donald Altman delivers practical mindfulness tools that relieve stress and enhance daily living. Easy-to-use, detailed handouts offer freedom from old, stuck habits while providing life-affirming strategies for healthy, fulfilling, sustainable connections of all kinds.

- Moving past crisis in your romantic relationship
- Bringing more wellness and balance into your life
- Healing strained family relationships
- Practices for acceptance, compassion and forgiveness
- Finding commonalities in a divided country
- Learning from the wisdom and lessons that nature offers
- Developing healthy technology boundaries

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