Somatic Psychotherapy Toolbox

125 Worksheets and Exercises to Treat Trauma and Stress
Manuela Mischke-Reeds
PESI Publishing and Media 2018
ISBN 9781683731351


Whether you're new to somatic approaches or a seasoned practitioner, this toolbox will be a game-changer in your work. From over 25 years of clinical experience, Manuela Mischke- Reeds, MA, LMFT, has created the go-to resource for mental health therapists who want to incorporate somatic techniques into their daily practice. Highly-effective for clients dealing with trauma and stress disorders, somatic psychotherapy is the future of healing the entire person-body and mind.

Section-by-section, this toolbox guides the clinician through:
* Targeted somatic interventions for trauma, stress and PTSD
* Steps to incorporate the body into your current therapeutic approach
* Mindfulness techniques and breath work
* Starting guidelines, safety concerns and keys to success
* Getting to know their own body to better use body work with clients

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