Reflective Practice in Supervision and the Reflective Supervision Toolkit (Text and Toolkit Set)

Reflective Practice in Supervision and the Reflective Supervision Toolkit (Text and Toolkit Set)
Daphne Hewson and Michael Carroll
Moshpit Publishing 2017
ISBN 2467709184147


An invaluable new resource from Michael Carroll, bestselling author of On Being a Supervisee, and Daphne Hewson, Australian psychologist.


Reflective Practice in Supervision
The best teachers are not outside of us - they are inside. Collaborative reflection in supervision can transform our experiences into learning.

This practical book details three stances of reflective supervision:
1. noticing what's happening (the Mindful Stance)
2. analysing it and unpacking the assumptions that underpin it (the Consideration Stance)
3. putting this learning into practice so that it becomes routine (the Consolidation Stance).

Daphne Hewson and Michael Carroll highlight the importance of Reflective Space as one of six supervisory spaces the others being:
* Directive
* Evaluative
* Passive
* Restorative
* Active Space.

They provide guidelines on creating safe Reflective Space and how to use a range of mini-tools to invite practitioners to learn from their professional experiences. The book is written for both supervisors and practitioners - it takes two to tango.

The Reflective Supervision Toolkit ISBN 9780995400054

Reflective supervision looks easy when done by a skilled professional, but this apparent ease is based on mastery of many specific skills. To achieve mastery, you need to understand the principles of reflective practice, learn the techniques and then incorporate them so they become a natural part of your approach. Then you can 'forget' technique and become a spontaneous reflective supervisor.

This toolkit provides the techniques you'll eventually forget. The tools and mini-tools introduce you to a range of approaches to reflective practice. The goal is to discard the tools as you develop your reflective responsiveness. The toolkit expands on the principles of reflective supervision provided in the companion volume Reflective Practice in Supervision.

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