Psychology and Indigenous Australians

Foundations of Cultural Competence
Wendy Nolan, Keith McConnochie & Rob Ranzijn
Pan Macmillan Australia 2009
ISBN 9781420256284


Psychology and Indigenous Australians fills an important gap in understanding the psychological impact of colonisation on Indigenous Australians. Using cultural competence as a theoretical framework, it starts with an exploration of the nature of culture and world views which permeate and integrate the book. It provides a convincing explanation of how colonisation has affected Indigenous Australians, the role of psychology in this process, and ways forward to redress Indigenous disadvantage. A key emphasis is on 'doing our own work', the essential role of critical reflection in trans-cultural communication.

Key features:

• A detailed explanation of the concept of cultural competence as a rationale for developing understanding and skills in this area;

• Detailed explorations of the linkages between the history of colonisation and its psychological consequences for Indigenous Australians;

• The psychology of racism;

• 'Doing our own work': understanding the role and impact of unearned privilege;

• Guidelines for effective practice with Indigenous Australians as well as in other cultural contexts; and

• Exercises and other material to facilitate critical reflection.

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