Photolanguage Australia - Third Edition

(130 black and white prints and facilitator manual) - (Interactive Therapeutic Resource)
Jan Cooney and Kevin Burton
Catholic Education Office 2012
ISBN 2467709018510


Photolanguage is a means of communication designed to facilitate personal expression and interaction in small groups. The method is an innovative process using black and white photographs which have been specially chosen for their aesthetic qualities, their capacity to stimulate imagination, memory and emotions, and their ability to challenge the viewer to thoughtful reflection.

Since its inception in 1986 for the international year of peace by the Catholic Education Office The Photolanguage Cards have found their ways into counselling rooms, classrooms, neighbourhood centres and staff rooms all over the world. Black and white images of a range of settings, context and people create an opportunity to:

* Find resonances
* Create conversation
* Unpack feelings or thoughts
* Acknowledge hurt, grief or loss

Photos numbered 1-65 packaged in cardboard folder entitled 'Human values - A'.
Photos numbered 66-130 packaged in cardboard folder entitled 'Human values - B'.

The large size of the cards (170 mm W x 250 mm H) make them ideal for working in groups, teams and training sessions and can be used in a variety of settings:

* Spiritual development
* Values clarification
* Special education
* Armed services – Moral leadership courses
* Drug rehabilitation
* Youth camps and youth leadership programmes
* Staff development programmes
* Personal development programmes
* Social issues awareness groups
* Human rights groups
* Student groups
* Migrant habilitation programmes
* Cross curriculum learning

Includes a manual for facilitators

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