On Being a Supervisee: Creating Learning Partnerships

(Not available for purchase outside Australia and New Zealand)
Michael Carroll and Maria Gilbert
PsychOz Publications 2011
ISBN 9780646563350


This book empowers supervisees to take responsibility for their supervision and learning, and aims to persuade supervisors, and organisations that pay for staff supervision, to allow supervisees to do so. Developments in the world of supervision, education and neuroscience have added substantially to the literature and practice of supervision since the publication of the first edition of this book. This fully
revised second edition integrates these developments and includes two new sections: the addition of 'learning from experience' to make seven supervisee skills; and, a larger, more elaborate section on reflection outlines the six levels of reflection.

Much of the clinical supervision literature has been written for the supervisor. This important and comprehensive text offers an essential guide that equips the supervisee to optimize their supervision experience, as well as deal with problems that may arise. A much needed contribution to the supervision literature and a must for all mental health professionals who receive or practice supervision.
Matthew Bambling Ph.D., University of Queensland.

It is rare for supervisees to receive help and instruction in being an effective supervisee. This book will enhance the supervisee's experience of the process, making them more demanding and accountable in their learning. Equally valuable for supervisors who seek to establish creative, individualised working partnerships that challenge both to a higher standard of practice. I will recommend it to all my supervisees.
Elisabeth Shaw, psychologist and professional supervisor in private practice in NSW.

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