Narcissistic Personality Disorder Toolbox

55 Practical Treatment Techniques for Clients, Their Partners and Their Children
Daniel Fox
PESI Publishing and Media 2018
ISBN 9781683731528


Invaluable tools you need to treat clients on the narcissistic spectrum, AND help their partners and children grow beyond the hurt and pain.

Narcissism is a treatable condition, but working with these clients is no easy task. Developed from years of experience, Daniel Fox, PhD has created a three-sectioned approach, filled with unique worksheets, checklists and impactful exercises to help:

Section 1: Clients on the Narcissistic Spectrum
▪ Diagnose resistant clients
▪ Reduce challenging symptoms and negative behaviors
▪ Move toward the final steps of successful treatment
Section 2: Partners in Relationship with an Individual on the Narcissistic Spectrum
▪ Help partners cope with and understand their significant other
▪ Evaluate the costs and benefits of their relationship
Section 3: Children of Individuals on the Narcissistic Spectrum
▪ Avoid and break free of the narcissistic family habits
▪ Raise their own children in a healthier environment

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