Psychotherapy in Australia - May 1995

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Memories of Abuse: Constructive Strategies for a Confusing Issue
by Dr George Burns

Psychology of Self
by Professor Russell Meares

Full Human-Beingness: A Talk with Ron Kurtz
by Nayano Taylor-Newman

Towards a Philosophy of Science for the Art of Psychotherapy
by Dr Jan Resnick

What is Psychotherapy? An Emphasis on Client Uniqueness
by Dr George Wills

What is Psychotherapy? Back to Basics
by Ivan Milton

What is Group Psychotherapy?
by Peter Bott

An Interview with Dr Paul Gibney
by Liz Sheean

Science, Humanness and Love: An Introduction to the Thinking of Humberto Maturana
by David Mendes

The Dance of the Selves in Relationship
by Dr Hal Stone and Dr Sidra Stone

Obesity Treatment: In Need of a Paradigm Shift
by Peter Howell