Psychotherapy in Australia - February 1999

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Wilderness Therapy
by Kim Ibbott

Naturally Effective Therapy: Ecopsychology in Clinical Practice
by George Burns

Monogamy: Phillip Adams Interviews Adam Phillips
by Phillip Adams

Men and Relationship Services: Putting the Cart Before the Horse and Papering Over the Cracks?
by Noel Giblett

Love and Anxiety
by Lola Hill

The Impossible Person
by Doug Kirsner

Princes into Frogs: the Fathers Inside Daughters' Heads
by Terry McCormack

Fathers: the Significant Other in Mother-Daughter Relationships
by Shelley Phillips

Dear Dad... (fiction)
by Anna Beth McCormack

To Disclose or Not to Disclose? Confidentiality and Privilege
by Peter Hands

Sexual Assault: Counsellor Notes and Subpoenas
by Di Lucas