Psychotherapy in Australia - August 1997

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The Psychotherapy of Suicide Prevention
by Christopher Cantor and Pierre Baume

In Stillness Conquer Pain: an Interview with Joseph Barber
by Len Oakes

The Youngest Turtle: a Story for Monica
by Elisabeth Scott

Vicarious Traumatisation
by Zoe Hagon

The Implications of "Repressed Memories" for Psychologists
by Peter E. Hands

In Different Voices: on Recovered Memory
by Joan Beckwith

Inner Critic, Outer Monster: the Dynamics of Narcissistic Vulnerability
by Bruce Stevens

Delinquency as a Search for Cultural Acceptance
by Monique Cohen

My Counsellor: a Friend I Trust
by B. Meiser, C. Harding, P. Mitchell, M. Fitzgerald, Z. Steel, and A. Malak

Logos, Poetry and Heidegger' Conception of Creativity
by Michael Guy Thompson