Certificate Course on Helping Anxious Kids with Lynn Lyons - Course on DVD

25.5 CPD Hours
Lynn Lyons
PESI Publishing and Media 2018
ISBN 2467709193095


After decades of working with thousands of kids and families through their daily battles with anxiety, the one thing that clients tell me they are most desperate for is a clear plan for HOW to respond when anxiety shows up…

Imagine being able to offer families an immediate and effective road map of techniques and strategies to interrupt the powerful patterns of anxiety disorders, weaken anxiety's grip, and move kids and families forward!

Join me for a comprehensive online certificate course where I'll teach you my proven, powerful approaches for breaking the worry cycle and treating anxiety in kids.

I'll guide you step-by-step through the critical concepts and interventions that are essential for effective skill-based treatment of anxiety. Plus, you'll see how I apply the techniques and approaches in exclusive in-session videos.

You'll earn your Certificate in Helping Anxious Kids and Families, plus be fully prepared to help even the most complicated presentations that include depression, OCD, ASD, trauma and more.

Families spend a great deal of effort looking for the answers to WHY their child has anxiety issues. But productive solutions result from asking HOW: “How do I get my child to school? How do I get myself to do things that make me anxious? How do I handle the way anxiety makes my body feel?”

I'm a HOW therapist who can teach you and your clients what to DO differently. My expert approach will help you and your clients access the internal and external resources they've already developed and create the new ones they need.

From your first session, children and parents will learn skills that boost confidence and foster adaptive thinking and positive results. Now you can be the clinician who can say with confidence, "I can help your child overcome anxiety!"

Here's what you'll learn in this certificate training...

Join Lynn for six, step-by-step modules where you'll discover proven strategies to interrupt anxiety's cognitive patterns with simple, process-based strategies. You'll master concrete and often counter-intuitive strategies that normalize worry for families and provide an “umbrella approach” that applies to all anxiety disorders.

MODULE ONE: Anxiety overview and the first steps to a better approach
In this module, you'll gain foundational insight about anxiety and its impact on young clients. Learn practical methods to avoid getting trapped in the content of the disorder and understand how some of the things that therapists, parents, and teachers do can actually support the disorder. Then discover a new, more effective approach for working with anxiety.

Key topics covered in this module include:
* Understanding how a process-based approach to anxiety works
* The patterns of worried families
* Four critical concepts that make up the foundation of a skill-based approach
* How to avoid mirroring and supporting the anxiety disorder
* Case examples and demonstrations

MODULE TWO: Building a better treatment approach, Part I
In this module, you'll learn how to help families understand anxiety and worry. You'll begin building an effective strategy for working with anxiety, including: how to expect worry and talk to it, how to teach clients to get uncomfortable and unsure on purpose, and how to help clients identify goals. Lynn provides essential insight into:
* Breaking the anxiety culture – escaping the high demands of school, home, social life
* The importance of psychoeducation
* Creating a new framework for families to separate from generational anxiety
* Recognizing anxiety and interrupting common thought patterns
* Breaking the anxiety culture – escaping the high demands of school, home, social life
* The importance of psychoeducation
* Creating a new framework for families to separate from generational anxiety
* Recognizing anxiety and interrupting common thought patterns

MODULE THREE: Building a better treatment approach, Part II
Continuing from the previous module, this section will offer you additional strategies and tools you need to build a complete anxiety treatment strategy. You'll learn how to:

* Help young clients connect their worries back to their past successes
* Use role playing, experiential learning, and practice to deal with anxiety on a day-to-day basis
* Create effective interventions and homework that will teach young clients to overcome worry
* Setup successful rewards and consequence strategies
* Implement Lynn's favorite assignments for helping kids achieve success in the face of anxiety

MODULE FOUR: Schools accommodations, and working with complicated mind/body issues
In module four, you'll get step-by-step plans to help children and adolescents thrive in school and beyond. You'll also learn strategies for helping kids with somatic symptoms.
Key topics covered in this module include:

* Effective behavioural plans and goals for classroom success
* Case studies and common issues to anticipate within the school setting
* Common somatic issues with anxious children (GI issues, insomnia, headaches)
* New opportunities to help kids relax

MODULE FIVE: Working with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
OCD creates a skewed view of reality and can impact families for generations. This module demonstrates how to recognize OCD, the common pitfalls of treating OCD in kids, and active strategies to help families.

Key topics covered in this module include:

* Myths and current research on OCD
* The biggest mistakes therapists make with OCD
* Diagnosis and misdiagnosis of OCD in young clients
* Creating a family plan for dealing with OCD that reaches across generations
* The benefit of direct language and psychoeducation for families

MODULE FIVE: Anxiety, ASD, OCD, and Trauma Histories
In this final module, you'll learn effective ways to work with complicated anxiety presentations that include autism spectrum disorder, OCD, and trauma histories. Key areas of focus in this module include:

* The Executive Overload Model
* The importance of prioritizing interventions
* What modifications are needed for clients with comorbidity or trauma history
* How to leverage the Concept of Differentiation

Next, you'll watch Lynn in action!
You're invited into Lynn's consulting room where you'll see her proven, powerful approaches in action with three never-seen-before video sessions. You'll go on a moment-by-moment journey with Lynn as she applies her interventions with kids and families to overcome anxiety and worry.

In-Session One: Working with school anxiety, and fears about driving and heights
In this first in-session video, you'll see Lynn working with an adolescent client who hasn't been able to attend school due to her anxiety. Following a minor car accident, this client has also been fearful of driving, and her fear of heights had made it difficult for her family to find an apartment to rent. Discover how Lynn establishes a connection with her young client and guides her through practical, easy-to-master strategies to help her overcome her worry.

In-Session Two: Working with misbehavior and fear of bullying anxiety
In this session, Lynn works with a young girl and her parents to help the young client with her worries about bullying and other children's misbehavior. Observe how Lynn works with both the client and her parents to develop family goals that deal directly with the problem to help the child overcome her anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.

In-Session Three: Working with an extreme worrier
In this session, you'll see Lynn at work with an 8-year-old boy who's an extreme worrier. Even sitting in-session with Lynn makes him worry. Experience how Lynn helps the child understand his own worry, and watch how she uses humor and animation to help the boy overcome his fears.


1. Three Hour Seminar Video - Medications in the Treatment of Anxiety
By Catherine M. Pittman, Ph.D., HSPP
Even when you don't prescribe medications, it's important to understand how medication impacts your treatment plan. In this free bonus presentation featuring Dr. Catherine Pittman, you'll learn how your partnership with prescribers can improve overall client education on how medication affects clients and their therapeutic goals. Topics include:

* The myth of the chemical imbalance
* Tools for assessing medication use during the initial intake
* How SSRIs and SNRIs promote neuroplasticity
* The danger of sedating the brain with benzodiazepines
* An overview of buspirone, beta blockers and sedatives/hypnotics/z-drugs
* The effectiveness of CBT and meds

2. Worksheet | Bridge Back to Your Successes
By Lynn Lyons, LICSW
Do you work with kids who continue to worry even after they are equipped with the skills to overcome challenging situations? This free bonus worksheet collection is an effective tool you can implement in your next session to help kids build reminder bridges to overcome worry and anxiety.

3. PDF Publication | OCD: Is There Any Way to Turn It Off?
In this popular Networker magazine issue, renowned OCD experts Lynn Lyons, Martin Seif, Sally Winston, and more provide practical tools and techniques to effectively work with child and adult clients who suffer from OCD. Get expert insight into what strategies work and what strategies don't work, so you can be more confident in helping the clients you'll see in your very next session.

Lynn Lyons, LICSW,
is an internationally recognized psychotherapist, author, and speaker with a special interest in interrupting the generational patterns of anxiety in families. Her skill-based approach to anxiety focuses on the need to teach families about HOW anxiety works and what families can do to pull members out of the powerful “anxiety cult” that demands obedience to its need for certainty and comfort. Lynn's approach uses humor, playful connection, and a constant focus on DOING, an umbrella strategy she has taught to thousands of professionals and families.

Lynn is the co-author with Reid Wilson of Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents and the companion book for kids Playing with Anxiety: Casey's Guide for Teens and Kids. She is the author of Using Hypnosis with Children: Creating and Delivering Effective Interventions and has two DVD programs for parents and children.

She maintains a private practice in Concord, New Hampshire where she sees families whenever she's not on the road teaching.

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