Certificate Course in Emotionally Focused Therapy on DVD

Attachment-Based Interventions for Couples in Crisis
Sue Johnson
PESI Publishing and Media 2018
ISBN 2467709190803


Earn your Certificate in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) — the only model of couple therapy that has been shown to create lasting change in over 20 empirical studies.

In this comprehensive certificate course, professor, researcher, clinical psychologist, and leading developer of EFT, Dr. Sue Johnson will share with you the science and application of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT).

Through engaging case studies, in-session videos, and masterfully presented lectures, Dr. Johnson will show you step by step how to apply the most effective, empirically validated EFT interventions to help the couples in your practice grow within their relationships.

Part One: On Target Interventions
Begin the course by joining Sue for an overview of attachment science and the latest insight into the field of couple therapy. You'll learn how you can help your clients achieve the lasting connection they need by exploring:
• The map to basic relationship emotions and needs
• The evolutionary perspective on the importance of attachment and family relationships
• The structure of attachment relationships: emotional accessibility, responsiveness and engagement
• The five basic moves or relationship drama

Part Two: The EFT Model
Building upon the foundational materials from Part 1, in this session you'll join Sue for a deep dive into the research on relationship outcomes and change. Sue will guide you through the stages of EFT, key interventions and change events. Together, you'll discover how to:
• Build a therapeutic alliance
• Reprocess and distill emotion
• Choreograph new interactions
• Restructure attachment
• Utilize the five basic moves of the EFT therapist 

Part Three: Essentials of Stage 1 EFT
Go beyond the basics by joining Sue to discover the key skills you'll need to successfully guide your clients through Stage 1 EFT. Through lecture and case presentations, Sue will show you how to work with couples to:
• Help the couples in your practice de-escalate
• Establish trust, safety and hope within relationships
• Defuse unrealistic expectations
• Examine personal attachment history and childhood patterns
• Explore the couple attachment history
• Identify styles and address varied attack and withdraw combinations

Part Four: Essentials of Stage 2 EFT
In Part Four, you'll shift your attention to mastering Stage 2 interventions and skills. Sue will show you how Stage 2 EFT will help partners move into and tolerate their vulnerable emotions. Sue will guide you step by step through interventions that help you:
• Restructure the relationship bond
• Access implicit needs, fears and models of self
• Identify and express attachment needs effectively
• Use repetition, imagery, and connection to facilitate expression
• Accomplish bonding events in the therapeutic setting

Part Five: Turning to Sexuality and Affairs
In Part Five, you'll learn the attachment frame on sex and affairs to learn how to use EFT to shape forgiveness and heal attachment injuries. Together, you'll examine:
• The social expectations for sexuality and long-term relationships
• The central importance of feeling desired and valuable
• The types of sexual engagement
• Relationship traumas that destroy trust
• How to create and communicate a healing narrative
• When healing attempts worsen the rift

Part Six: Advanced Approaches for Difficult Couples
In Part Six, you'll master interventions and strategies for containing escalation and working with the most difficult couples in your practice. Through powerful case studies and lecture, Sue will show you how to use EFT to:
• Work with trauma couples
• Establish a secure base for post trauma individuals
• Understand the relationship between PTSD, trust and sexuality
• Explore intimate partner abuse
• Address fear and safety
• Assess violence and threat dangers

Review all the course materials at your own pace and at your convenience!
Complete your online CPD tests and earn up to 16.75 CPD Hours!

Susan Johnson, Ed.D.
, is the best-selling author, clinical psychologist, distinguished research professor, dynamic speaker, and recognized innovator who has changed the field of couple therapy. She is director of the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy and distinguished research professor at Alliant University in San Diego, California, as well as professor of clinical psychology at the University of Ottawa, Canada. She trains counselors in EFT worldwide and is recognized as one of the most prominent researchers and presenters in the couple therapy field.

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