BUNDLE OFFER: Antisocial, Borderline, Narcissistic and Histrionic: Effective Treatment for Personality Disorders - Workbook AND Seminar on DVD

Daniel Fox
PESI Publishing and Media 2016
ISBN 2467709183577


Antisocial, Borderline, Narcissistic and Histrionic: Effective Treatment for Cluster B Personality Disorders - Seminar on DVD

* Solve the mystery of antisocial, narcissist, histrionic and borderline clients
* Make a clinical breakthrough with the most effective, evidence-based treatment methods for each disorder
* Get inside the minds of challenging clients and manage treatment blockades

Expert and author, Dr. Daniel J. Fox, delivers an intensive workshop designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to accurately identify and treat your most difficult personality disordered clients. Solve the mystery of antisocial, narcissist, histrionic and borderline clients and finally make a breakthrough in clinical treatment.

* Manage the manipulative and possibly threatening antisocial personality.
* Overcome the narcissist's veneer of perfectionism and combat their need to overpower you as the therapist.
* Navigate through the mind of a histrionic whose intense emotions and need for attention will test your patience and compassion.
* Help the borderline client deal with their explosive emotions, self- harm tendencies and cravings for chaos.

Case studies and video examples will be used to illustrate client symptom presentation, treatment, and management of each Cluster B client type. You will explore various modalities that are effective with antisocial, narcissistic, histrionic, and borderline personality disorders, such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioral, Interpersonal, and Dialectical therapies. Each of these theories will be explored to provide you with solid and useable skills to include in your daily practice.

Antisocial, Borderline, Narcissistic and Histrionic Workbook: Treatment Strategies for Cluster B Personalities

Developed from years of experience working with complex and challenging clients, Daniel Fox, PhD has created the ultimate workbook to effectively treat clients with antisocial, histrionic, narcissistic and borderline personality disorders.

Utilize unique worksheets, checklists and other exercises to diagnose, tackle specific issues, reduce problematic symptoms and keep therapy moving forward. Take advantage of concrete methods to:

* Reduce self-mutilation and other risky behaviors
* Improve attachment, collaboration and trust
* Conquer maladaptive beliefs and diffuse narcissistic resistance
* Assess transference/countertransference issues
* Determine narcissistic drives for perfection and excellence
* Lessen flirtatious behaviors
* Apply DBT strategies and skills into treatment


“Full of concrete tools to make successful progress in treatment! The research provides a great foundation for the use of the materials and Dr. Fox has pulled from multiple resources to create tools clinicians and clients can both use to promote wellness and growth. I have found that the use of the workbook can be applicable in nearly every session I have with someone battling with a Cluster B personality disorder. After applying the concepts in this workbook I have found that Cluster B clients are not the same beasts in treatment that they were in the past.”
Susan Barris, PhD

“Insightful for the therapist and easy-to-use with clients. The worksheets are very effective in assisting with a more accurate diagnosis of Cluster B personality types and, even more importantly, understanding the therapists own responses to the client (recognizing countertransference/treatment issues). This workbook is also helpful when needing to incorporate more tangible and structured treatment approaches into therapy. The DBT worksheets are easy to follow and use “client friendly” language and concepts.”
Meagan N. Houston, PhD, SAP

“The collection of exercises for the clinician and the client are practical, useful, and empirically driven. This is a well written, easy to read, and thorough guide providing a framework and a level of confidence for the clinician facing the challenges of treating severe personality disorders.”
Kristy Dromgoole, PhD

“This rich resource assists the clinician in avoiding errors in diagnosis that can often occur when working with clients with complex symptom presentations. Dr. Fox presents the material in a straightforward, easy-to-digest, manner that can be appreciated and utilized by all practitioners. Clinicians, regardless of their training background or theoretical orientation, will find this to be an invaluable resource in the diagnosis and treatment of Cluster B personality disorders."
Mary Madison Eagle, PhD

“Dr. Fox's passion for this subject shines through in the workbook format. This workbook can serve as both a reference and a helpful tool for gathering information. Dr. Fox's style of writing is clear and concise. I was able to take in the information quickly and see how useful the worksheets could be.”
Kristin A. Lue King, MSW

"Personality disorders are common in clinical practice, but helpful resources are not. Dr. Fox answers the call with a workbook that will deepen your understanding of the assessment and treatment of Cluster B personalities, with a dedicated emphasis on handouts and worksheets that guide therapy and provide a catalyst for change. Enthusiastically recommended!"
Lane Pederson, PsyD, LP, DBTC, author of The Expanded Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training Manual

Daniel J. Fox, PhD, has been specializing in the treatment and assessment of individuals with personality disorders for the last 14 years in the state and federal prison system, universities, and in private practice. He is currently a staff psychologist at the Federal Detention Center in Houston, Texas. Dr. Fox's first book, The Clinician's Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Personality Disorders, was published by PESI in 2013.

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