BUNDLE: The Anxiety, Worry and Depression Workbook + Anxiety, Worry and Panic: Effective Strategies to Calm the Anxious Mind - Seminar on DVD

(6 hours and 2 minutes)
Jennifer Abel
PESI Publishing and Media 2016
ISBN 2467709192333


The Anxiety, Worry and Depression Workbook: 65 Exercises, Worksheets and Tips to Improve Mood and Feel Better - Workbook

It's hard to fight back against anxiety, worry and depression … and it's even harder to face and overcome those fears by yourself.

That's why anxiety expert Jennifer Abel, PhD, has compiled an interactive workbook that will help you tame anxiety, worry and depression. Backed with science and over 25 years of clinical experience, this easy-to-use guide is full of practical, proven worksheets, self-monitoring forms, exercises and scripts for you to start changing your habits, and start changing your life.

Proven Strategies for:
▪ Worry (it causes anxiety and depression)
▪ General anxiety disorder
▪ Depression
▪ Perfectionism
▪ Procrastination
▪ Superstitious thinking
▪ Hypochondriasis
▪ Catastrophic thinking
▪ Saying no
- Therapist Guide to help clients go deeper into the workbook
- Access to free mindfulness recordings

Anxiety, Worry and Panic: Effective Strategies to Calm the Anxious Mind
- Seminar on DVD
The struggle to reach clients troubled by treatment resistant anxiety, worry and panic is real. But it doesn't have to be your reality. Dr. Abel's most successful clients have been other therapists like you - therapists who have been unable to help despite the fact that many of them had utilized empirically supported strategies such as exposure, mindfulness and cognitive therapy.

Dr. Abel has prepared this information-packed recording to teach you how to assess clients' anxious habits, symptoms and behaviors with evidence-based strategies that are effective with even your toughest clients.

This recording offers:
* Over 60 techniques to treat anxiety, worry and panic
* Strategies to stop the anxiety spiral early
* Identify 5 treatment pitfalls and learn evidence-based approaches to correct them
* Melt panic and anxiety with innovative mindfulness strategies
* Recognize and stop negative reinforcement of panic, worry and fear of guilt

Strategies to effectively treat:
* perfectionism
* procrastination
* subjugation (people pleasing)
* hypochondriasis
* catastrophizing/intolerance of uncertainty

Dr. Abel will teach you how to master catching the anxiety spiral early to significantly reduce the habit of worry and panic using self-controlled desensitization. Learn how evidence-based treatments, from mindfulness to cognitive therapy, can help your clients problem solve, reduce tension and increase energy. Make a positive change in your professional life, as well as your clients, by learning the key strategies offered in this recording.

1. Articulate components of the “anxiety spiral” and utilize several evidence-based strategies (including self-controlled desensitization) to prevent exacerbation of symptoms.
2. Specify five potential anxiety treatment pitfalls and learn evidence based approaches to avoid or correct them.
3. Implement four mindfulness strategies for treating anxiety symptoms in a clinical setting.
4. Evaluate the inverse relationship between worry and problem solving, and identify its implications for treatment of anxiety.
5. Examine the clinical presentation of panic, worry and fear of guilt and how they compare to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; learn clinical strategies to stop these cycles of negative reinforcement.
6. Develop clinical skills to address treatment-resistant issues, including perfectionism, subjugation, procrastination, hypochondriasis, and catastrophizing/intolerance of uncertainty.

Jennifer L. Abel, Ph.D., international speaker, author and clinical psychologist, has specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders for over 20 years. Before opening a private practice, she served as the associate director of the Stress and Anxiety Disorders Institute at Penn State under the direction of the leading expert in Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), T.D. Borkovec.

Her first book, Active Relaxation has received outstanding reviews from mental health care professionals and anxious readers alike. Her second book, Treatment Resistant Anxiety, Worry, and Panic, has received praise from top experts in anxiety management.

Dr. Abel has published many articles in professional journals and wrote a pamphlet about GAD for ABCT. She has been quoted by several popular magazines (e.g., Health, Prevention, Glamour) for her expertise in Worry. Dr. Abel presents to the public (e.g., Working Women's Survival Show), as well as professionals (e.g., Australian Psychological Society; Anxiety Disorder Association of America).

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