25 Custom Treatment Techniques for Anxious and Depressed Clients - Seminar on DVD - 3 DVD Set

(6 hours and 11 minutes)
Margaret Wehrenberg
PESI Publishing and Media 2015
ISBN 2467709179235


* Identify and treat the 7 types of anxious and depressed clients
* Help your clients find balance and make lifestyle changes
* Motivate the low energy and depressed client
* Custom treatment methods for every type of client

Anxiety and depression are the most common of exhibiting symptoms and present a special challenge when they co-occur in the same client - which they often do. Caught in a mix of symptoms that affect their ability to respond to treatment, different clients require different approaches. Join national speaker and author, Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg, as she identifies seven types of anxious and depressed clients and delivers over 25 custom treatment techniques you can use immediately.

Based on her extensive clinical experience and solid foundation in research, Dr. Wehrenberg will give you the tools to:

* Motivate the Low Energy Client
* Redirect the mental energy of the Hopeless Ruminator
* Calm the Panicky Depressive
* Introduce choice with the Worried and Exhausted
* Break the routines of the Quiet Avoider
* Teach balance to the High Energy and Depressed client
* Challenge the beliefs of the Highly Anxious

Clinicians will learn the hallmarks of these variations of comorbid anxiety and depression and will be able to apply treatment approaches that really work to resolve them.