2-Day EMDR: Effectively Treat Trauma and Move Clients Forward - Seminar on DVD

(12 hours and 2 minutes)
Elaine Strid
PESI Publishing and Media 2017
ISBN 2467709186943


▪ See transformation through an EMDR demonstration
▪ Learn EMDR skills and spend hours practicing with guidance!
▪ How to help your clients move from “I'm worthless” to “I'm great and I CAN!”

If you've heard of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), you know it works to heal trauma and you want to know more, this workshop is for you! Attend this unique workshop and learn essential information you need to know about EMDR.
Dr. Elaine Strid, EMDR-Trained Therapist, will first teach you about EMDR and the neurobiology of how EMDR can change the brain. Then she will do a complete live demonstration or a video in the room so you can see EMDR in action!

In this unique EMDR workshop, you will understand the benefit of EMDR and the impact it can have on your clinical work. You will also learn the 8 Stages of EMDR Therapy and have more than three hours of practice time with some the foundational EMDR skills.

Dr. Strid hears often from fellow trauma clinicians that they do a great job working with clients to cope better with trauma; however, clients claim that they feel “filthy and powerless” about themselves. Elaine will show you how EMDR can help clients move forward to truly heal from the inside out and how to live a fulfilling life again.

Elaine Strid, PhD, LPC, holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and two master's degrees; one in counseling and the other in pastoral studies. Dr. Strid is an EMDRIA Level 1 and Level 2 Certified EMDR Therapist. She has used EMDR in her private practice for over 15 years. Dr. Strid uses EMDR in conjunction with other therapy techniques and alone in resolving current crises, relationship issues and debilitating flashbacks.

Dr. Strid has worked with Safe House, Domestic Violence, and Victims Assistance programs including clients that have had trauma occur within the last 72 hours to resolve their acute stress using EMDR.

She believes it is essential for clinicians to be continually pursuing new wisdom and techniques so that we can help our clients move beyond their trauma, fears and distorted beliefs and move into a skilled, assured lifestyle.