2,4,6,8 this is how we Regulate! - Seminar on DVD

Play Therapy Interventions for Dysregulated Clients
Tracy Turner-Bumberry
PESI Publishing and Media 2016
ISBN 2467709183256


* Fun, interactive day filled with play, art and movement
* Dysregulation symptoms with Autism, ADHD, Bipolar and Anxiety
* Telltale signs of dysregulation in children and teens
* Are your clients having anger outbursts, meltdowns, crying spells or long, intense moments of hyperactive joy? This is dysregulation, and it doesn't feel good!

Join Tracy Turner-Bumberry, LPC, RPT-S, in this interactive seminar to teach you art, movement and play therapy interventions to help regulate clients with Autism, ADHD, Bipolar and Anxiety. You will practice techniques during this program to experience for yourself how to achieve calm, cool and relaxed children and adolescents. Leave this workshop armed with a tool kit of Play Therapy interventions to reduce meltdowns, mood swings, anger outbursts and create sustained emotion regulation.

You will learn how play is a therapeutic and natural way for children who have limited verbal skills to express their needs and frustrations.

Play allows children to:

Experience and express emotion
Become more responsible for behaviors and develop more successful strategies
Develop new and creative solutions to problems
Reduce fear, anxiety and depression