Introducing Cognitive Analytic Therapy

Principles and Practice
Anthony Ryle and Ian Kerr
John Wiley and Sons Ltd 2002
ISBN 9780471892731


This is a comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to the origins, development, and practice of cognitive-analytic therapy (CAT). Written by the founder of the method and an experienced psychiatric practitioner and lecturer, it offers a guide to the potential application and experience of CAT with a wide range of difficult clients and disorders and in a variety of hospital, community care and private practice settings.

Introducing Cognitive Analytic Therapy includes a wide range of features to aid scholars and trainees:
Illustrative case histories and numerous case vignettes
Chapters summaries, further reading and glossary of key terms
Resources for use in clinical settings
Essential reading for practitioners and graduate trainees in psychotherapy, clinical psychology, psychiatry and nursing.

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