Coping with Cliques - Professional Edition (Book and CD-Rom)

Coping with Cliques - Professional Edition (Book and CD-Rom)
Susan Sprague; Susan Schwarz
Instant Help Publications 2008
ISBN 9781572246546


This professional edition includes both the Instant Help book and a companion CD that offers the complete book and printable worksheets for your clients. From an adult perspective it may seem like a rite of passage, but for a preteen or adolescent girl it can seem like the end of the world. We're talking about being shunned by the "in crowd" and banished to the outskirts of a clique. To make it worse, the Internet and other new technologies have opened up a whole new venue for bullying. Coping with Cliques helps girls overcome feelings of isolation and rejection and develop the self-esteem that will make being left out of a clique seem not so tragic after all. It gives them practical skills for dealing with cyber- and real-life bullying, and shows them how to keep bullying, put-downs, and gossip from poisoning their sense of self. This book is appropriate for kids between the ages of six and twelve.

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