The Ant Patrol: Name of the Game

Features Me-Me the Self-Focused Ant
Deberea Sherlock Aisling Mulvihill and Marc Lynch
MASTER Institute Publications 2013
ISBN 9780992311834


Hi I'm Me-me! I'm a little ant whose antennae point inwards! I guess you could say that I can be 'all about me'! I often focus on my own wants and likes and find it hard to understand the perspective of others. I like things to go my way! I can become annoyed and frustrated when they don't. I may try to control the games I play with my friends, become focused on winning or have difficulty taking turns. Sometimes I don't recognise or understand others' feelings, thoughts and wants. When this happens, my friends may feel left out and annoyed. Sometimes my thinking can get 'stuck on my own agenda' and when this happens I can become emotional. Difficulty taking others' perspectives makes it tricky for some children to have positive and meaningful interactions with peers. The story, Name of the Game, can help children learn how to tune in socially.

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