The Ant Patrol: Pick Your Moment

Features Hugo the Socially Unaware Ant
Aisling Mulvihill, Deberea Sherlock and Marc Lynch
MASTER Institute Publications 2013
ISBN 9780992311827


Hi I'm Hugo! I'm a little ant who gets his antennae in a twist! I am a great guy with good intentions, but sometimes I just get it 'wrong'. I find it difficult to read others. My view of the social world is not always clear, as I do not always focus my attention to the most important social information. This means that I may not be aware of others' thought and feelings. It can be difficult for me to understand situations, know what to expect, and know why others react the way they do. I may not get the social subtleties. Without even meaning to, I can annoy someone, hurt others' feelings or just cause confusion. The social world can be a confusing and frustrating place for some children. The story, Pick Your Moment, can help children learn how to tune in to others.

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