My Changing Body: Boys

My Changing Body: Boys
Linda Picone
Fairview Press,U.S. 2010
ISBN 9781577491811


Practical, insightful, and easy-to-understand, this is the ideal guide to understanding the changes boys go through before, during, and after puberty. Filled with practical, insightful facts about the changes boys go through before and after puberty, and designed to be used either as a parent-child communication tool or as a book that boys can read on their own, "My Changing Body" is the ultimate know-your-body manual for boys. Included here is everything boys need to know about growth spurts, voice changes, body hair, and their reproductive systems - along with fascinating explanations for all those other mysterious physical and emotional changes that accompany growing up. It also includes helpful illustrations accompanied by age-appropriate information, and a comprehensive glossary.

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