Couple, Family and Group Work

First Steps in Interpersonal Intervention
Hugh Crago
Open University Press 2006
ISBN 9780335216888


There are important common principles in working with couples, families and small groups, yet these interpersonal approaches are rarely taught in a unified way. Couple, Family and Group Work tackles this challenge clearly and confidently.

This book shows one-to-one counsellors and therapists how to shift gear in order to work effectively with the tensions between two or more clients at once. The goal is to harness 'the power of many' - the relief, creativity and excitement that come when people rediscover what they have in common, instead of focussing on the differences that divide them.

Key features of this ground-breaking book include:
• The use of a single framework that integrates family therapy, group therapy and couple therapy
• Useful advice on what to say in difficult interpersonal situations
• Coverage of both psychodynamic and family systems principles
• The use of theory to aid understanding, rather than for its own sake
• Clear language and helpful explanations that illuminate complex issues
Couple, Family and Group Work is essential reading for those training, or newly qualified, in counselling, psychotherapy or the related helping professions. It is also be of interest to students and professionals in the fields of psychology, social work, psychiatry, nursing and social welfare.

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