Supervision Essentials for the Feminist Psychotherapy Model of Supervision

Clinical Supervision Essentials Series
Laura Brown
American Psychological Association 2016
ISBN 9781433822018


While feminist therapy has grown in stature and recognition in the last few decades, comparatively little has been written about supervision and consultation from a feminist standpoint. In this book, the latest in the Clinical Supervision Essentials series from APA Books, Dr. Laura Brown remedies this deficit by presenting a theoretically-grounded, yet practical approach to supervision based on the principles of feminist psychotherapy. This volume offers a framework for translating feminist therapy constructs - including recognizing the impact of systemic hierarchies, and thinking critically about dominant cultural norms in the practice of psychotherapy - into the supervision setting. Incorporating practices derived from multicultural, queer, and other critical psychologies, feminist therapy supervision challenges trainees and supervisors alike to engage with difficult questions about the presence of bias, and ways in which power distributes itself in the context of education, psychotherapy, and supervision itself. Includes a synthesis of the literature on feminist therapy and theory, as well as case examples and practical advice for resolving common supervision problems.

The book also offers close analyses of the author's consulting session documented in the DVD "Feminist Therapy Supervision, also available from APA books.

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