Reflective Practice in Psychotherapy and Counselling

Reflective Practice in Psychotherapy and Counselling
Rudi Dallos and Jacqui Stedmon (Eds.)
Open University Press 2009
ISBN 9780335233618


Reflective Practice has become established as an essential feature of practice in psychotherapy and counselling in the UK, Europe, USA and some other parts of the world. However, the writing on reflective practice is arguably fragmented and scattered, and much of it is highly theoretical and abstract. This book draws together conceptual and ethical issues regarding reflective practice, including the meaning and development of the orientation. More importantly, it connects theory to day-to-day practice in psychotherapy and counselling, addressing issues such as: What does reflective practice look like, in practice? How do we develop the skills in carrying it out? What ways does it assist practice? The book offers an exploration of reflective practice within different models of psychotherapy and counselling: CBT, psycho-dynamic and narrative, systemic family therapy, narrative and community approaches. Throughout, it employs a range of illustrations from a variety of clinical contexts to illustrate reflective practice in action. These include work with; children and families, adult mental health, trauma and abuse, learning disability, youth offending and bereavement and loss.

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