Breaking the Cycle

Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession and Shame
George Collins and Andrew Adleman
New Harbinger Publications 2011
ISBN 9781608820832


In "Breaking the Cycle", sex addiction specialist George Collins offers a powerful, no-nonsense program for helping readers identify their unhealthy sexual patterns, overcome sex addiction, and start living more productive lives. Sex addicts live with a compulsion they just can't shake-an inner voice that compels them to seek pornography, pursue sexual encounters with strangers, and do everything they can to gratify the sexual urges that won't go away. But people with sex addictions can learn to enjoy lives of productivity and purpose and develop true intimate connections with others. "Breaking the Cycle" helps readers learn to identify the triggers and compulsive thoughts that keep them trapped in the cycle of addiction and offers skills for countering those thoughts instead of simply caving to them. By drawing on their deepest values and ideals, readers find the strength to separate their true selves from their obsessive thoughts. Gradually, using exposure techniques, readers develop resistance to their former triggers and make sex addict behavior, and then the addictive thoughts themselves, a thing of the past.

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