EMDR as an Integrative Psychotherapy Approach

Experts of Diverse Orientations Explore the Paradigm Prism
Francine Shapiro
American Psychological Association 2002
ISBN 9781557989222


EMDR originator Francine Shapiro explores the latest developments and theoretical perspectives on, and clinical implications of, this complex psychotherapy approach originally developed to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Leading spokespersons of all major schools of psychotherapy explore how EMDR meshes with their approaches, identifying the elements and outcomes salient to their world view. They offer guidelines and techniques, amply illustrated, across a range of problems and disorders, including depression, attachment disorder, social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, body image disturbance, marital discord, and existential angst. From this diversity of viewpoints emerges a picture of similarities, differences, and strengths across disciplines and suggestions and opportunities for more robust and comprehensive treatment.

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