The Mindfulness Skills Activity Book for Children

The Mindfulness Skills Activity Book for Children
Mitch Abblett and Christopher Willard
PESI Publishing and Media 2018
ISBN 9781683731481


Dozens of games, puzzles, and exercises to build calm and beat stress!

The Mindfulness Activity Book for Children gives you the resources to help the children in your classroom, office or home learn and hone the crucial skills of mindfulness - for getting on top of stress and doing their daily best!

Inside this book you'll find dozens of activities, games, exercises, and puzzles to help the kids in your life:
* Increase focus and concentration
* Build calm and beat stress
* Come together as a group
* Learn to hang in with challenges
* Get excited about what's happening right here and right now!

Written by two psychologists with decades of experience working with kids, families and mindfulness, these fun, easy-to-learn and creative activities are awesome for all school-aged kids, whether they are newbies to mindfulness or not!

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