Body-Centered Psychotherapy

The Hakomi Method - Updated Edition
Ron Kurtz
Life Rhythm 2015
ISBN 9780940795235


Hakomi is a Hopi Indian word which means 'How do you stand in relation to these many realms?' A more modern translation is, 'Who are you?' Hakomi was developed by Ron Kurtz, co-author of The Body Reveals. Some of the origins of Hakomi stem from Buddhism and Taoism, especially concepts like gentleness, compassion, mindfulness and going with the grain.

Other influences come from general systems theory, which incorporates the idea of respect for the wisdom of each individual as a living organic system that spontaneously organises matter and energy and selects from the environment what it needs in a way that maintains its goals, programs, and identity. Hakomi also draws from modern body-centered psychotherapies such as Reichian work, Bioenergetics, Gestalt, Psychomotor, Feldenkrais, Structural Bodywork, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Focusing and Neurolinguistic Programming. Hakomi is really a synthesis of philosophies, techniques and approaches that has its own unique artistry, form and organic process.

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