8 Keys to Practicing Mindfulness

Practical Strategies for Emotional Health and Well-being
Manuela Mischke Reeds Babette Rothschild
WW Norton & Co 2015
ISBN 9780393707953


Reeds offers this self-help volume for mindfulness practice focused on the mind-body connection. Each chapter presents one of the eight “keys”: meet the present moment, start where you are, slow down, befriend your body, trust your sensations/tame your emotions, ride through tough times, cultivate inner calmness, and choose abundance. Chapters describe the cultural and clinical history of the strategies described, expected benefits, and present concrete, everyday implementation strategies for the layperson. An additional resource list is provided in addition to the references.

Learning how to pay attention to the present moment.

Becoming mindful is about the small, everyday things such as pausing to take a breath before you drive off in a hurry or considering the food that will nourish your body before a meal. Or it can mean checking in with yourself before responding to a challenging email or text.

Every moment of our lives can become an opportunity to practice mindfulness. This book will invite you to sharpen your awareness and ask yourself with more frequency, “What do I notice right now?” or “How do I need to respond or be with this situation?”

These seemingly tiny moments of noticing yourself can have a major impact on your life as you learn to track habitual patterns and awaken to change. Practicing mindfulness is not about being better by figuring it all out. It is about tolerating the moments when you don't know or learning to be more curious about the struggle.

Here you will learn how to establish a basic practice with guidelines for posture and breathing as well as various options for meditations that involve sitting, walking, gently moving or lying down. You can try these exercises at your lunch break, before you rise or fall asleep. But best of all is for you to sprinkle mindfulness throughout your day.

Whether you are new to mindfulness or a seasoned practitioner, you can make the conscious decision to change your approach to life. Moment by moment you have the opportunity to cultivate awareness that will make a difference in how you engage with the world on a daily basis.

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