Janice H - EUGENE, Oregon

"Informative presentation with very smooth delivery!"

Nicollette L - Austin, Texas

"Great, relevant presentation that managed to keep up with the current ever-changing climate of telehealth in the midst of a pandemic."

Arica D - Bee, Nebraska

"Thank you"


"great training, thank you"

Tricia C - DECATUR, Alabama

"Great presenter"

Randi Nell S - Northbrook, Illinois

"One of the best Ethics CE courses I have taken. Thank you."

Renee S - Snohomish, Washington

"Loved the training and facilitator! Very easy to follow!"

Christine H - Fairfield, Iowa

"Very informative and good information that was new due to the telehealth we are using at this time"

Marcia G - BOLINGBROOK, Illinois

"Excellent presenter/great sense of humor too!!!"

Ken C - FARGO, North Dakota

"I am 71 years old and I have practiced for years and attended countless seminars. Dr. Ashby is a gifted teacher. I am thankful for opportunity to learn from him. Ken Christianson PhD"