Johanne A - LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, New Jersey

"I was so pleased and grateful to have the opportunity to learn from the author of one of my favorite resource manuals that I use with my kids in my practice. It was wonderful to hear her explain and organize each skill. Thank you, Debra! Namaste"

Michelle S - West Rutland, Vermont

"What an amazing seminar. I plan to listen to this again."

Pamela J H - HARTFORD, Kentucky

"very, very useful!! LOVE the handouts I can use in practice right away! "

Fatmah H - Jeddah, KSA

"Many thanks to PESI for the beautiful and useful courses "

Frances J - Dallas

"Awesome seminar. Very interesting and useful for practice. Thank you. The Mobile App helped with mobile viewing and was used very frequently. "

Fran G - Jamaica Plain

"The course was excellent. "


"Overall, good class with good information"

Rita O - MACOMB, Illinois

"Excellent program."

Nora G - KIRTLAND, Ohio

"This was an excellent presentation. I will implement these techniques in my own life and practice. "

Kelly L - NAPERVILLE, Illinois

"Loved this seminar-it provided so much information I can use in practice."