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Yoga and Mindfulness in the Classroom: Trauma-Informed Tools to Support Social and Emotional Learning, Student Success and Positive Climate, 26/02/2020 00:00:00 AEST, Digital Seminar More info »
Yoga and Mindfulness in the Classroom: Trauma-Informed Tools to Support Social and Emotional Learning, Student Success and Positive Climate, 26/02/2020 00:00:00 AEST, DVD More info »
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Digital Seminar

Yoga and Mindfulness in the Classroom: Tools to Improve Self-Regulation, Learning and Classroom Culture

  • 67 simple, classroom-friendly yoga and mindfulness techniques to support self-awareness, self-regulation, social and emotional learning and resilience
  • Understand the neuroscience of stress, the symptoms and how it affects learning and behavior
  • 5 critical steps to integrated self-regulation
  • Facilitate learning readiness, reduce impulsive behaviors and improve student achievement
  • Improve classroom management while supporting students individual needs, cultivating a positive, peaceful, productive classroom climate
  • Become a more effective educator as you lead and practice these tools with your students

Do you find yourself wondering what more you can do to help your easily distracted student? The one who has a hard time maintaining focus? What if you had the tools that would enhance focus and attention, ease anxiety, and improve confidence, self-esteem and academic performance? During this seminar, you will learn simple, developmentally appropriate yoga and mindfulness tools that can be immediately integrated into your daily curriculum. These skills are a proven and effective way to promote self-regulation ability, learning readiness and resilience while cultivating a positive, peaceful, productive classroom.

Through the framework of - Noticing, Mindful Choice, Practice, Reflection, Integration – you will learn how to empower your students and yourself with increased self-awareness, the foundation for the development of self-regulation skills and cognitive control. Through 67 simple yoga and mindfulness-based activities designed to engage the whole child, you will help your students move from a state of anxiety and dysregulation to a state of engagement, control and connectedness. All activities are specially chosen for their suitability for the typical classroom space and schedule and can be done standing beside or sitting at desks, while hands and bodies remain off the floor. Yoga 4 Classrooms is easy for teachers, students, and therapists to use, and helps to create a more harmonious, learning-friendly school day.

This inspiring workshop will give you the tools to integrate yoga and mindfulness skills into your classroom, leaving everyone feeling empowered, calm and ready to learn. Absolutely no yoga experience is required.


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Lisa Flynn
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04 Apr, 2018
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Digital Seminar - Also available: Digital Seminar | DVD
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Yoga 4 Classrooms

Lisa Flynn, E-RYT 500, RCYT, is founder & CEO of Yoga 4 Classrooms and founder and former owner of ChildLight Yoga, national organizations providing professional development trainings, curricula, resources and consulting to individuals, schools and organizations who support the social, emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing of children, youth and families. 

Lisa is author of the Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Card Deck (2011); Yoga for Children: 200+ Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises and Meditations for Healthier, Happier, More Resilient Children (2013); and Yoga for Children—Yoga Cards: 50+ Yoga Poses and Mindfulness Activities for Kids (2018); contributor to Best Practices for Yoga in Schools (2015) and the newly released Stories of School Yoga: Narratives from the Field (2019); and sponsors the free resource: Research Repository: Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness for Children, Adolescents and in Schools.

Lisa contributed to the first published research study to use both subjective and objective data to examine the acute and longitudinal effects of a school based yoga intervention in young children. Her work has been featured on Fox News and publications such as Education WeekForbes, Greater Good Magazine, Washington Post, Yoga Journal and Parents.

In addition to supporting a diverse group of schools in sustainably implementing yoga and mindfulness school wide, Lisa is a national presenter and advocate for youth mental health and the integration of MY-SEL (mindfulness, yoga, social and emotional learning) in education. Closer to home, she also serves as a school board member of MSAD 35 / South Berwick and Eliot, ME.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Lisa Flynn is the Founder and CEO of Yoga 4 Classrooms®.  She is an author for Adams Media, a division of Simon & Schuster, and her work has been published in numberous journals/publications. Ms. Flynn receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Lisa Flynn is a member of the Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists.

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  1. Explore the mind-body connection and how it affects learning and behavior.
  2. Evaluate the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional benefits of yoga and mindfulness-based interventions for children in schools.
  3. Determine the signs of imbalance in your students and yourself.
  4. Develop opportunities for taking yoga breaks during the school day.
  5. Implement 67 simple yoga and mindfulness activities as needed throughout the day.
  6. Design outcome-focused sequences based on time available: calming, focusing, energizing, community building.
  7. Access additional tools and resources to ensure continued progress.



  • Mind-Body Connection
    • Neuroscience of attention, learning and behavior
    • Rationale for yoga and mindfulness in the classroom
    • Research on yoga in schools
  • Self-Regulation: A 5 Step Approach
    • Noticing
    • Mindful Choice
    • Practice
    • Reflection
    • Integration
  • Practical Tools for The Classroom
    • Let’s Breathe
    • Conscious breathing exercises to calm and center or empower and energize
      • Balloon Breath
      • Countdown to Calm
      • Power Breath
      • Conductor Breath, and more…
    • At Your Desk
      • Convenient, time-saving seated stretches and modified yoga postures to refresh and focus
        • Cat Pose
        • Open Heart
        • Corkscrew
        • Sitting Pigeon, and more…
    • Stand Strong
      • Simple, structured opportunities to stand up and stretch, balance and strengthen
        • Mountain
        • Waterfall
        • Crescent Moon
        • Desk Puppy, and more…
    • Loosen Up
      • Take a break activities designed to dispel stress, build community and promote readiness to learn
        • Do My Best
        • Geyser
        • Posture Prep
        • Stick Ems, and more…
    • Be Well
      • Developmentally-appropriate discussion starters supporting health and wellness of the whole child
        • Celebrate You
        • Practice Peace
        • Get Your Zzzzs
        • Be Clean, and more…
    • Imagination Vacation
      • Modified, child-friendly approaches to meditation and relaxation
        • Special Friend
        • Mindful Meditations
        • Gratitude Relaxation
        • Picture it Tree, and more…
  • Sequences
    • Morning Meeting
    • Take a Break
    • Transitions
    • Pre-Writing & Writing Break
    • Pre-Testing & Testing Break
    • Calm / Focus
    • Mood / Energy Shift
    • Close of Day
  • Sustainability
    • Tools and tips for engagement
    • Modify for individual needs and abilities
    • Empowering your students to integrate learning
    • Engaging the family
    • Monitoring the impact of implementation

Target Audience

Educators, Special Educators, School Administrators, School Social Workers School Counselors, School Nurses, Paraprofessionals, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists Speech Language Pathologists



Overall:      4.8

Total Reviews: 185


LAUREN E - Harleysville, PA

"The instructor did an amazing job presenting despite the challenges of not being live and in person like usual pesi seminars. She was knowledgable, informative, and had a genuine enthusiasm for sharing about a topic she loves and is an expert in. "

Samantha G - LAURELTON, New York

"Lisa Flynn had an OUTSTANDING presentation - would highly recommend it to others. "

Wendy W - WATERVILLE, New York

"I am excited to implement these techniques with my students"

Christin G - North Adams, Massachusetts

"This was a great class! I feel like I can implement all of the information presented right away with my students in OT and in their classrooms. "

Kaye M - Columbia, South Carolina

"Great instructor! I would love to take some more classes! "

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