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Trauma Made Simple: Competencies in Assessment, Treatment and Working with Survivors

In Trauma Made Simple, trauma expert Dr. Jamie Marich brings her practical style of training to print, using clinical common sense to wade through theory, research, and hype surrounding trauma. Learn about trauma in a way that is relevant to clinical work, including extensive coverage on PTSD and other diagnoses through a bio-psycho-social-spiritual lens. Make clinically informed decisions based on setting, client preparedness, and other contextual variables. Develop strategies for treatment planning based on the best possible treatments in the field today.

Trauma Made Simple addresses a variety of issues that are imperative to trauma competency in clinical work, including how to handle grief and mourning, assessing for and addressing addiction (even if you are not an addiction counselor) and how to manage professional development issues, including self-care.


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Jamie Marich
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Dec 31, 2013
PESI Publishing & Media
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Jamie Marich's Profile

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Ph.D., LPCC-S, Author

Dancing Mindfulness: A Creative Path to Healing and Transformation

Jamie Marich, Ph.D., LPCC-S, LICDC-CS, RMT is the author of Trauma Made Simple: Competencies in Assessment, Treatment and Working with Survivors (PESI, 2014), EMDR Made Simple: 4 Approaches for Using EMDR with Every Client (PESI, 2011), and two other books on trauma recovery. Marich began her career in human services working in humanitarian aid in Bosnia-Hercegovina from 2000-2003. Jamie's journey with EMDR began as a client in 2004, and she's offered EMDR Therapy as a clinician since 2006.

An EMDRIA Certified Therapist, Approved Consultant, and Continuing Education Provider, Jamie was the EMDRIA Research Poster Award Winner in 2008 for her qualitative research on EMDR and addiction. Jamie's doctoral dissertation on the use of EMDR in addiction continuing care was published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, a major APA journal. As of 2015, Jamie and her training company (The Institute for Creative Mindfulness) are providers of EMDRIA-Approved Basic Training Courses in EMDR Therapy.

Jamie travels internationally speaking on topics related to EMDR, trauma, addiction, and mindfulness while maintaining a private practice (Mindful Ohio) in her home base of Warren, OH.  She is the developer of the Dancing Mindfulness practice and a Reiki Master teacher. She also completed the StreetYoga Trauma-Informed Teacher Training Program and she is a Certified Yoga of 12-Step Recovery Facilitator/Space Holder. Jamie is also the author of Dancing Mindfulness: A Creative Path to Healing and Transformation (Skylight Paths Publishing, 2015).

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Jamie Marich is the Founder/Director of Mindful Ohio and The Institute for Creative Mindfulness. She receives royalties as an author for PESI Publishing and Media. Dr. Marich receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Jamie Marich has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.



"Trauma can be quite a challenging and complex topic but it doesn't have to be and this book proves it!  [Jamie] Marich brings a wonderful combination of personal and professional experience, academic understanding, and just the right touch of defiance to provide an excellent, accessible, and heartfelt overview on the critically important topic of trauma."

~ Dan Griffin, Griffin Recovery Enterprises, Inc., author of A Man's Way Through the Twelve Steps and co-author of Helping Men Recover

"In Trauma Made Simple Jamie Marich accomplishes exactly what the title implies.  Sure, trauma itself is never simple or easy to understand, but there are ways to uncover it, break it down, look at it, and treat it that are, and this is what Jamie presents here.  This straightforward, easy to read, wonderfully accessible book will benefit not only treatment professionals, but lay readers seeking to better understand their trauma-related issues."

~ Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S, author, speaker, clinical addiction media expert

"Trauma Made Simple by Dr. Jamie Marich, is an articulate and accessible guide to the experience and the healing of trauma.  Using stories and first-hand accounts, Dr. Marich beautifully conveys the human aspect of trauma.  With its clear presentation of the technical aspects of trauma treatment, the book is a valuable resource for anyone working with trauma.  Moreover, its user-friendly language is a gift to trauma survivors who seek to more fully understand both what has happened to them and how to move toward healing.  Dr. Marich certainly knows the field of trauma.  Whether you are a mental health professional or a person who has experienced the would of trauma, Trauma Made Simple offers information, insights, and a sense of caring that will be very helpful to you."

~ Terry Fralich, LCPC, JD, author of The Five Core Skills of Mindfulness: A Direct Path to More Confidence, Joy, and Love and Cultivating Lasting Happiness: A Seven-Step Guide to Mindfulness

"Dr. Marich's book is a beautiful, "common sense" guide to working with trauma.  If you're the type of therapist who gets weighed down by research, science, and the overly technical, you need to pick up Dr. Marich's book.  Trauma Made Simple breaks things down in a way that can best be described as practical, human, and relevant."

~ Sherry Gaba, LCSW, author of The Law of Sobriety, psychotherapist/contributor to VH-1's "Celebrity Rehab"

"In Trauma Made Simple, Dr. Marich has provided an indispensible tool for all clinicians and caregivers.  Her integration of personal and professional experience, research into trauma studies and trauma treatment, and the wisdom of others in the trauma community literally has resulted in a handbook for trauma treatment.  Whether you are a trauma trained professional seeking additional helpful foundational materials for your work, or a clinician new to the world of trauma focused therapy, you will find the answers and guidance you seek along the way.  Clinicians will benefit so much from this book, and even more importantly, so will their clients."

~ Stephen Dansiger, Ph.D., StartAgain Publishing

"Dr. Marich's personal style of writing is engaging.  This is a "must read" for all clinicians dealing with diverse forms of trauma today.  The title, Trauma Made Simple, is well chosen.  She writes to her strength.  Five stars."

~ Paschal Baute, Ed.D., author of Win-Win Finesse and Resilience of a Dreamcatcher

"Trauma Made Simple has heightened my ability to judge therapeutic timing...the extreme value of "the work before the work"!!  Great clarification and practical thought about the sometimes nerve-wracking transition from DSM-IV to the DSM-5, and about the role of the brain in trauma work.  Thanks, Jamie, it really does "unscramble the eggs"!"

~ Connie Schultz, MS, LICSW

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