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Smart Business Strategies & Solutions for the Clinician: Improve Client Care, Increase Revenue, and Secure Your Financial Future

  • Learn the 5 keys to building and maintaining a financially successful practice, without compromising ethical integrity, and while improving your client care and clinical outcomes!
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your business
  • Build a comprehensive personalized business plan to implement in your daily professional practice TODAY!

In a managed behavioral health world, and with the challenges of successfully implementing major changes in America’s healthcare system, never before is it more important to learn how not only to survive, also to thrive in your behavioral healthcare practice. As a leader and expert in the business of private practice building and management,

Howard Baumgarten takes you through a series of education modules that merge best business practices with enhancing therapeutic technique and outcomes.

Through descriptive examples of prior experience helping groups and individuals succeed and the story of his own journey into and through his private practice, Howard shares his wisdom with warmth and humor about a topic that many clinicians often avoid.

Howard will describe numerous strategies, in a variety of areas including organization, marketing/networking, managed care, asset growth and protection, and more. You will learn the art of entrepreneurship in your clinical setting and will be able to go back to your office with an individualized business plan that meets your needs both clinically and business wise. The philosophy of practice management breeding excellent clinical outcomes will become internalized with practical tools, ethical and effective methods that make sense for today’s practitioner, and that will help you build a stronger, more successful future, professionally and personally.


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Howard Baumgarten
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17 Sep, 2014
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Digital Seminar
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Continuing Professional Development Certificates - PESI Australia, in collaboration with PESI in the USA, offers quality online continuing professional development events from the leaders in the field at a standard recognized by professional associations including psychology, social work, occupational therapy, alcohol and drug professionals, counselling and psychotherapy. On completion of the training, a Professional Development Certificate is issued after the individual has answered and submitted a quiz and course evaluation. This online program is worth 6.5 hours CPD.



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Smart Practice Central

Howard Baumgarten, LPC, has nearly 25 years of clinical experience and is an expert on how to successfully merge high standards in mental health care with solid business principles. He has served the Denver area with a successful private practice for 15 years, learning first hand many of the “secrets” to a successful business. While maintaining his full-time clinical practice, Howard consults with new business owners in the field of mental health practice, provides training programs across the country and is the author of Private Practice Essentials: Business Tools for Mental Health Professionals (PESI, 2017).

As the former director for Westside Behavioral Care, Inc., he helped recruit, manage and build one of Colorado’s largest private group mental health practices. Since 2005, he has lectured at the University of Colorado’s Graduate Counseling Program, teaching a course on the establishment, development, and maintenance of clinical practice.

Howard warms his audiences with creative solutions and practical advice, sharing his experiences, with energy and humor!

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Howard Baumgarten maintains a private practice. He is employed by the University of Colorado. He sells websites and services for TherapySites, LLC and receives compensation. He is a speaker, who receives an honorarium, for Cigna Behavioral Health. He receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Nonfinancial: Howard Baumgarten has no relevant nonfinancial relationship to disclose.


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Program Information

Access for Self-Study (Non-Interactive)

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  • Discover how to create or re-create a business specific to your needs and interests as a clinician.
  • Explain effective organization and management strategies that are thorough, efficient, and improve clinical quality.
  • Identify networking, marketing tools and pathways designed for creating and maintaining client referrals.
  • Discuss the role of managed care in private practice and how to best work with 3rd party payers.
  • Describe and identify programs and services outside traditional therapy and discuss implementation into your clinical setting.
  • Explain methods for managing practice finances and growing wealth.
  • Create an individualized plan for ongoing practice growth and development.


Practice Evaluation & Preparation

  • The Business Plan
    • Elements of a plan
    • Preparing your individualized plan
  • Organizing and managing the practice
    • Effective in organization and management is positive for good financial and clinical outcomes.
    • 5 Keys to efficiency
  • Networking/Marketing
    • Distinguished networks and smart marketing
    • How and where to get clients
    • Client retention strategies

Program Development & Diversification

  • Working with Managed Care
    • Brief history
    • Getting on panels
    • Verifying benefits/authorizations/claims & billing
    • Re-credential
    • Rate negotiation
    • The value of working with managed care
  • Diversification through creative programming
    • Explore diversification models
    • Diversification in individual business plans

Securing your future!

  • Financial growth and management
    • Professional experts
    • Strategies for managing finances
    • Insurance
    • Protection of assets
  • Ongoing Growth and Practice Development
    • The business plan reviewed
    • Diversification
    • Learning through success & failure
    • Mentorship
    • Avoiding burn out
    • Ultimate entrepreneur!
  • Comments, Questions, Feedback/Evaluation

Target Audience

Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Nurses, Case Managers, Addiction Counselors, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Psychologists, Physical Therapists, and other Behavioral Health Professionals



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