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Proven Couples Therapy Interventions: Broaden Your Skills and Repair Relationships

You’ll walk away from this workshop able to manage even the most difficult couples. Leave armed with the knowledge to create a safe and receptive therapeutic environment - and most importantly - you will leave with numerous tools and strategies to use immediately with couples!

  • Learn from real-life case studies that demonstrate the success of this approach
  • Navigate through individual issues, such as, mood and personality disorders in couple’s therapy
  • Highly effective home assignments for couples

In this workshop, Kathleen Mates-Youngman M.A., LMFT, author and couples specialist will share with you her proven strategies in succeeding with couples where you may have failed before. This approach focuses on bringing the individual’s struggles - abuse as a child, depression, lack of empathy, and so on - to the surface to breakthrough and heal the couple’s relationship wounds.

Kathleen will breakdown the therapeutic process into early, middle and late stage treatment, and will teach interventions and home assignments specific to each stage that you can use with couples. After watching this workshop, couples you work with will be able to:

  • Conflict without contempt or defensiveness
  • Not get stuck anymore from unhealthy communication
  • Connect emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • Create a culture of trust, fidelity and shared dreams


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Kathleen Mates-Youngman
5 Hours 55 Minutes
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16 Oct, 2015
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Digital Seminar
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Kathleen Mates-Youngman, M.A., LMFT, is an author and speaker. She has a private practice in Southern California specializing in couples therapy as well as treating individuals with anxiety, depression, grief, chronic illness and life transition issues. She is the author of Couples Therapy Workbook: 30 Guided Conversations to Re-Connect Relationships (PESI, 2014) and the card deck, Love & Connection Cards (PESI, 2015).

She is completing a second book for couples therapists based on this seminar and is also a regular contributor to a local lifestyle magazine in Orange County, California. Along with her work as a national speaker for PESI, Kathleen does workshops for couples and individuals, as well as graduate students.

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  1. Explain the dynamics, challenges and rewards of couples therapy.
  2. Develop the ability to balance intuition with empirical information.
  3. Demonstrate how to manage timing, intensity and pacing in your sessions.
  4. Define the key traits of successful couples and how to guide your clients to achieving them.
  5. Identify the most problematic traits and most common core differences in couples.
  6. Describe the most effective empirically-based assessments and interventions to use with couples and how to tailor them to each case.
  7. Communicate to clients how temperament, schemas and history impact their relationship dynamic.


A Roadmap for Effective Couples Therapy
Early Stage: The Therapeutic Relationship and Information Gathering Session 1

  • A welcoming and receptive environment
  • Consent forms/no-secrets policy
  • Psycho-education
  • Empathic listening and validation
  • Assess the relationship attachment style/degree of connection/relationship injuries
  • Create connection
  • Instill hope

Sessions 2 & 3

  • Individual sessions
  • Information gathering
  • Develop the therapeutic relationship

Mid-Stage: Observe the Dance and Create Change Session 4 & Beyond

  • Couple’s style and dynamic
  • Healthy relationship traits
  • Challenging/interpreting/reflecting/managing timing & intensity
  • Home assignments to create change

Later-Stage: Validate Growth and Fine-Tuning

  • Process and consolidate emotional shifts in the relationship dynamic
  • Skills to maintain relationship health
  • Current strength of key relationship components and fine-tune
  • Gradual decrease in session frequency
  • Work toward maintenance

Manage Challenges in Couples Therapy

  • Mood disorders
  • Addictions
  • Infidelity
  • Personality disorders
  • Problematic relationship styles
  • Motivation
  • Contempt
  • Cognitive distortions

Tools to Create Change
In-Session Exercises

  • Connection scale
  • Week update
  • Session recap
  • Turning toward & appreciation
  • The short script
  • Relationship sculpture
  • The common ground exercise
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • …and more!

Home Assignments for Couples


  • Care & Appreciation notes
  • New belief sheet
  • Date night log
  • Defensive mechanism worksheet
  • Sexual style questionnaire
  • 7 Relationship Principles worksheets
  • Relationship reset letter
  • Relationship vision board
  • …and more!


Target Audience

Addiction Counselors, Case Managers, Chaplains/Clergy, Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists, Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers, and other Mental Health Professionals



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Stephanie D - HOOVER, Alabama

"It was my first CE training for couples therapy and I felt it was very beneficial."

Sheryl S - SILVER SPRING, Maryland

"Great topic for clinical practice"

Elaine W - TAUNTON, Massachusetts

"I was alert the entire time. I also appreciate the suggested reading."

Sarah M - BOXFORD, Massachusetts

"This was great! I would love to hear another lecture from Kathleen"

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