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Disruptive Behaviors in the Classroom: Quick "On the Spot" Social-Emotional Learning and Behavior Interventions That Get Big Results!, 05/12/2019 00:00:00 AEST, Digital Seminar More info »
Disruptive Behaviors in the Classroom: Quick "On the Spot" Social-Emotional Learning and Behavior Interventions That Get Big Results!, 05/12/2019 00:00:00 AEST, DVD More info »
Image of Disruptive Behaviors in the Classroom: Quick "On the Spot" Social-Emot
Digital Seminar

Disruptive Behaviors in the Classroom: Quick "On the Spot" Social-Emotional Learning and Behavior Interventions That Get Big Results!

Everyone who works in the field of education encounters students who have difficulty managing their emotions and behavior. These children quickly shut down, become disengaged or unmotivated and act out disrupting the classroom, which gets in the way of everyone’s learning. These students need concrete emotional and behavioral interventions to support their social-emotional learning (SEL) development for social and academic success.

This comprehensive recording provides practical SEL solutions to build the mindsets, skills, and necessary supports to help young people manage their emotions, cope with challenges, and demonstrate perseverance to attain goals and healthy behaviors.

This recording will equip yourself with evidence-based intervention strategies and instructional practices to build self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, relationship-building and responsible decision-making skills to help your students:

  • Build healthy mindsets, increase engagement, motivation and decision-making skills
  • Invest in positive behavior and learning changes, including effective group work
  • Self-regulate emotions and reduce conflicts
  • Cope with challenges and decrease emotional distress
  • Reduce conduct problems and risk-taking behaviors
  • Stop shutting-down and reduce non-compliant behavior
  • Maintain positive social behaviors and relationships with peers and adults
  • Attain and maintain goals and healthy learning habits
  • Improve test scores, grades and attendance

Through interactive activities and video demonstrations you will leave this recording inspired with a wealth of highly proactive and effective strategies to transform the social-emotional health of your classroom. You will immediately be able to help your students develop responsibility for their own behavior and learning and contribute to a positive classroom environment!


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Savanna Flakes
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14 Dec, 2018
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Digital Seminar - Also available: Digital Seminar | DVD
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Ed.S., PMC

Inclusion for a Better Future, LLC

Savanna Flakes, Ed.S., PMC, is an award-winning teacher, experienced instructional leader, and educational consultant who has taught a variety of subjects and led professional development for multiple school levels on a range of topics such as differentiation, literacy interventions, inclusion, co-teaching, and specially designed instruction. Educators who have worked with Savanna have often commented on her experience and knowledge of differentiated instructional strategies to ensure every learner has access to the curriculum and is ready for 21st century success.

She is an engaging and enthusiastic international presenter who believes that every child has talents to offer and can be a contributing member in our classroom, school, and society. Savanna holds an Education Specialist Degree in Administration Leadership, a Post Masters Certificate in Education Leadership, and Curriculum and Instruction: Literacy, and Special Education. She is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBPTS), an International Education Technology Standards Certified Teacher (ISTE), a Google Certified Educator, and the author of the Inclusion Instructional Strategies Corner for MultiBriefs.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Savanna Flakes is CEO for Inclusion for a Better Future, LLC. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Savanna Flakes has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose. 

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  1. Utilize best practices in the classroom to create a positive learning environment that fosters teamwork and helps students to develop prosocial behavior and relationships with peers and adults.
  2. Implement instructional intervention strategies to support students’ social-emotional learning as it relates to frustration management, impulse control and perseverance to achieve personal and educational goals.
  3. Differentiate between a growth versus fixed mindset and implement interventions to support the development of a perseverance and grit in students.
  4. Analyze common challenging student behaviors and demonstrate the application of a positive behavioral strategy to facilitate social-emotional learning skills.
  5. Implement both proactive and reactive strategies for the most challenging disruptive and explosive student behavior.
  6. Develop a SEL plan or behavior plan that can be used to support challenging student behavior across all settings.


Build A Positive Classroom Community
  • The neuroscience behind your class: Ideas for working with student diversity
  • Cooperative learning structures to promote teamwork: Experiential activities
  • Reduce classroom anxiety and increase student connection to lessons
  • Build positive and effective learning-based classrooms
  • Evidenced-based practices for the five core competencies of SEL
Develop Student Perseverance and Grit
  • Growth vs fixed mindset: Research-based case studies
  • Build perseverance: Video demonstrations
  • Develop resilience toward rigorous and complex tasks
  • Mistakes as opportunities and prevent fear of failure
Increase Student Self-Awareness
  • Teach them how to assess their strengths and limitations
  • Increase self-confidence, optimism and self-efficacy
  • Help them identify emotions, thoughts and behaviors in different situations
  • Teach self-discipline and goal-setting skills
  • Self-monitoring techniques to track learning and academic behaviors
Improve Student Self-Regulation Skills
  • Model positive self-talk and effective self-reflection
  • Support executive-functioning needs
  • Develop problem-solving skills and solving conflicts
  • Manage and cope with emotions using evidenced-based frameworks
Develop Student Social Awareness
  • Teach perspective taking and empathy
  • Social anxiety techniques to reduce stress
  • Lesson plans on social and ethical norms for behavior
Manage Disruptive Behavior
  • Proactive and corrective measures
  • Practical motivational incentives
  • Strategies for the basic functions and needs of chronic misbehavior
Enhance Whole Class Positive Behavior Interventions
  • Behavior strategies to support academic success
  • Core elements of evidenced-based class wide reinforcement systems
  • Lesson plans on character education
Respond to Trauma and Tragedy
  • Strategies to positively support trauma impacted students
  • Calm the stress response related to anxiety or depression
  • Alternatives to zero-tolerance policies to help nurture resilience
  • Mitigate stress through mindfulness exercises, goalsetting activities and group identity-building

Target Audience

  • General Education Teachers
  • Special Education Teachers
  • School Administration
  • School Social Workers
  • School Counselors
  • School Psychologists
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Occupational Therapy Assistants
  • School Paraprofessionals
  • Other Helping Professionals Who Work with School-Age Children



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Sharon S - ARVADA, Colorado

"Excellent training. One of the best I've been to in years! Love all the videos and examples"

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