Image of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Vol 1, 2nd Edition: The Clinician’s Guid

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Vol 1, 2nd Edition: The Clinician’s Guidebook for Acquiring Competency in DBT

Have you always wanted to learn how to use DBT with your clients but weren’t sure where to start? Have you believed that only full-fidelity DBT works and that if you can’t offer all the elements of DBT in your setting you shouldn’t bother learning DBT? The authors address those questions and more with a practical guide for applying DBT skills to fit your client needs.

Clearly written and easy to understand for all levels of DBT experience, the authors bring their extensive knowledge to light with creative ideas that work, clinical examples, treatment plans, practice vignettes, and strategies for adapting the skills across a variety of settings and age groups.

Examples throughout this book will address issues such as:

- Anger and Emotion Dysregulation
- Depression
- Substance Use Disorder
- Anxiety
- Impulse Control
- Trauma
- Conduct Disorder
- Eating Disorders
- Grief
- Borderline Personality Disorder
- Bipolar
- Stress Management


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Cathy Moonshine |  Stephanie Schaefer
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25 Jun, 2019
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Cathy Moonshine's Profile

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Moonshine Consulting

Cathy Moonshine, Ph.D., MAC, CADC III, is the Executive Director of a private consulting firm, Moonshine Consulting, as well as assistant faculty at the School of Professional Psychology at Pacific University in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Moonshine has been using DBT with clients, supervisees, and colleagues at treatment settings and graduate programs for over a decade, and is known nationally as an expert trainer, clinical supervisor, clinician and acclaimed PESI presenter of DBT.

Dr. Moonshine has worked with dozens of clinicians and organizations to integrate DBT to clinical practices and program models. She has over 20 years of experience in public and private mental health and substance abuse treatment settings across all levels of care. Dr. Moonshine provides licensure supervision and collegial consultation to mental health, addictions and dual diagnosis clinicians. She also works with systems of care and individual clinicians to implement and sustain evidenced based practices. Dr. Moonshine is also the author of a pair of DBT resources, Dialectical Behavior Therapy Volume 1: The Clinician's Guidebook (PESI, 2008) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy Volume 2: Companion Worksheets (PESI, 2008).

For nearly 10 years, Dr. Moonshine has served as Clinical Director for Portland, Oregon. In that role, Dr. Moonshine continues to make an impact in the local, state and national treatment communities with her consultation, supervision and trainings, and is considered an expert in the areas of addictions and dual diagnosis treatment. She has testified to the Oregon State Legislature, appeared on local news programs and completed program evaluations for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. She served on work-groups with Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration on development of national standards for clinical supervision and counselor competencies. She serves on the Board of the Northwest Institute of Addiction Studies.  Attend her seminars to complete continuing education and increase clinical competencies with DBT and other evidence based practices.

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Dr. Stephanie Schaefer is a licensed psychologist and certified alcohol drug counselor I in Portland, Oregon. She has worked with clients from a variety of backgrounds and in various settings, including both outpatient and residential community mental health settings.

In addition, Dr. Schaefer has provided DBT and co-occurring disorders trainings regionally, nationally, and internationally, and mentors colleagues and supervises graduate-level practicum students.

Dr. Schaefer is a faculty counselor at Clackamas Community College, where she has the opportunity to teach and utilize DBT skills regularly.

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