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Couples Experiential™ 2017: NEW Live Clinical Demonstrations with Real Couples

Discover how Relational Life Therapy teaches couples to break-out from their constant relationship struggles, and unlock a secure and healthy relationship.

Developed over 30 years of clinical work, the proven Relational Life Therapy (RLT) techniques teach clients how to successfully break-out from feelings of rage, distrust, abandonment and belittlement that are destroying their relationships.

RLT works by getting clients to resurrect the relational skills that they lost — skills they lost as early as in their childhood.

Now is your chance to learn a new and powerful approach from world renowned couple’s therapist, developer of Relational Life Therapy, and best-selling author, Terry Real, LICSW. Through live demonstration, analysis, and discussion, Dr. Terry Real will show you how RLT allows you to go deep — and how to quickly help your clients make substantive changes.

Watch and learn, step-by-step, as Terry Real uses the revolutionary and transformative RLT model to break through each couple’s individual and relationship uncertainties. Using techniques drawn from the approach his proven model, Relational Life Therapy (RLT), Dr. Terry Real will unlock the couples’ relational and psychological health in their relationships and address the “first step” in creating “relational living.”

Each couple in the live video demonstration is on the brink of giving up on their relationship. Terry Real shows you how to approach each couple’s complex situation, and dive deep into healing the wounds each couple suffers from their own lost relational skills.

Do these clients sound familiar? Terry Real used RLT to get past his client’s feelings of rage, abandonment and belittlement — and he’ll show you the steps to do the same in this intensive video course.

  • Trish and Jay

After years of therapy, Trish has learned that her rage has affected her relationship with her husband and their children. But Trish has never understood how her rough past, which includes family physical and sexual abuse, could be the reason behind her rage. Through analysis and utilizing individual trauma work, Dr. Terry Real will go deep with Trish to help her “solve the puzzle” as to why her rage continues, and help her re-build relational skills to improve her tremulous relationship with Jay and their children.

  • Liz and Mike

Neglected as a child by her parents and a recovering sex addict, Liz has always struggled with her rage, especially towards her husband Mike. She often feels abandoned by Mike, which then progresses into rage. Utilizing inner child work, Dr. Terry Real reveals that her love addiction and past abandonment is what fuels the rage she gives to Mike. Watch intensely as Terry teaches Liz and Mike the next steps to getting past the rage and living as a happy family unit again.

  • Jerome and Cindy

Born and raised in Jamaica, Jerome lived in what one could call a “warzone”. Jerome suffered through physical child abuse and the deaths of both his father and brother, and later served as a marine in Afghanistan twice. You will come to find that because of Jerome’s dark past, his relationship to his wife, Cindy, has greatly suffered, to the point where divorce is often brought up. Watch as Terry unveils Jerome’s past trauma history and how he addresses Jerome’s current rage towards his wife. Through deep trauma work, Dr. Terry Real will help this couple learn how to deal with the past to better the present.

  • Tom and Ann

After many years of individual therapy, Tom and Ann seem to still struggle with their relationship, especially when it comes to parenting. Tom often feels that Ann treats him as another child, while Ann believes Tom is very harsh with their son. Learn as Terry exposes the reality of Tom’s harshness towards his son and see how Terry stresses the importance of working together to parent their children.

  • Deborah and Alex

Taught by her mother at a very young age to never trust men, Deborah has been conflicted with feeling secure in her relationship with Alex. She often fears the day Alex will be unfaithful to her and gets easily triggered if Alex has any female interaction. Discover how Terry reveals that Deborah experienced psychological incest from her mother and how today, Deborah carries her mother’s burdens into her relationship with Alex. Find out how Terry helps Deborah unload her mother’s burdens to create a secure relationship with Alex and to be able to trust men again.


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Terry Real's Profile

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LICSW, Consultation and Therapy

Private Practice

Terry Real, LICSW, is an Internationally Recognized Family Therapist, Speaker and Author. Terry founded the Relational Life Institute (RLI), offering workshops for couples, individuals and parents around the country along with a professional training program for clinicians wanting to learn his RLT (Relational Life Therapy) methodology.

A family therapist and teacher for more than 25 years, Terry is the best-selling author of I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression (Scribner), the straight-talking How Can I Get Through to You? Reconnecting Men and Women (Scribner), and most recently The New Rules of Marriage: What You Need to Make Love Work (Random House). Terry knows how to lead couples on a step-by-step journey to greater intimacy — and greater personal fulfillment.

A senior faculty member of the Family Institute of Cambridge in Massachusetts and a retired Clinical Fellow of the Meadows Institute in Arizona, Terry has worked with thousands of individuals, couples, and fellow therapists. Through his books, the Institute, and workshops around the country, Terry helps women and men, parents and non-parents, to help them create the connection they desire in their relationships.

Terry’s work, with its rigorous commonsense approach, speaks to both men and women. His ideas on men’s issues and on couple’s therapy have been celebrated in venues from the “Good Morning America”, “The Today Show” and “20/20”, to “Oprah” and The New York Times.

A proponent of “full-throttle marriage,” as described in The New Rules of Marriage, Terry has been called “the most innovative voice in thinking about and treating men and their relationships in the world today.”

The New York Times Book Review described Terry’s work as: “A critical contribution to feminist psychology (that) brings the Men’s movement a significant step forward.” Robert Bly hailed it as “moving onto new ground in both story and song. Exhilarating in its honesty.”

Terry’s Relational Life Institute grew out of his extensive and empathic experience. He teaches people how to make their relationships work by providing products and services designed to teach the principles of Relational Life™, so that everyone can enjoy full respect living and craft a healthy life legacy.

Speaker Disclosure:

Financial: Terry Real is in private practice. He receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Terry Real has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.

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  1. Articulate how to move past “he said / she said” to a nuanced and comprehensive relational diagnosis.
  2. Construct how to empower the enabling partner in couples where there’s a power differential.
  3. Detect how gender issues impact the couple.
  4. Develop strategies to gain and use leverage, motivating each partner to move beyond his or her comfort zone.
  5. Assess and deal with “preconditions for change,” such as addiction, untreated psychiatric disorders, and violent or sexual acting out.
  6. Devise how to help both partners deal with infidelity, moving beyond the conventional victim/perpetrator model.
  7. Plan how to handle the issue of secrets in couples therapy.
  8. Develop anger management strategies for minimizing rage within couples therapy.
  9. Collaborate how to join the couple through the truth, forming an alliance with difficult clients using the art empathic confrontation.
  10. Use techniques to move from the present difficulty to early childhood experience.
  11. Take part of how to introduce and perform deep trauma work in the couple’s context.
  12. Communicate how to introduce and teach new relational skills to couples like empathy, vulnerability, and accountability.


Assess the Relationship

  • Strategies for data gathering
  • Diagnose the presenting problem
  • Each partner’s reality

Use Leverage in Therapy

  • Strategies to gain leverage
  • Strategies to use leverage
  • Motivate each partner to go beyond comfort zone

Power and Control within the Couple

  • Assess for power differential
  • Empower the enabling partner
  • Gender issues and their impact

Strategies to Assess and Treat Obstacles

  • Preconditions for change
  • Addiction
  • Untreated psychiatric disorders
  • Anger
  • Violence / sexual abuse

Infidelity, Secrets & Lost Passion

  • Strategies for each person to move on from infidelity
  • Go beyond the perpetrator/victim model
  • Skills to deal with secrets in the relationship
  • Reinvigorate passion into the relationship

Strategies to Move Couples Forward

  • Make their realities collide
  • Stance / stance / dance
  • Use the relational grid
  • Empower the latent
  • Reconnect the blatant
  • Minimize rage
  • Gain leverage
  • Join through the truth
  • Effective treatment through play and imagination

Deep Trauma Work and Healing in Couples

  • Family of origin resonance & multigenerational legacies
  • Heal inner child parts
  • Tri-part system of the psych: functional adult, wounded child, and adaptive child
  • Empower functional adult to re-parent the wounded and adapted child parts

Teach Relational Skills

  • Empathy
  • Vulnerability
  • Accountability

Target Audience

Addiction Counselors, Case Managers, Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists, Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers and other Mental Health Professionals



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