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Treating Chronic Pain DVD & Book Bundle


Treating Chronic Pain DVD & Book Bundle

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DVD - Behavioral Treatment of Chronic Pain: Evidence-Based Techniques to Move People from Hurt to Hope

We are in the midst of a nationwide push to treat chronic pain and address ours out of control opioid prescribing. At least 1/3 of the people we treat are dealing with this condition, yet most of us are ill-prepared to address this with skill and expertise. The CDC recently published recommendations for the treatment of chronic pain, specifically highlighting behavioural treatment as an approach that should be tried before opioids are prescribed.

We are witnessing a devastating public health crisis that is ruining individual’s lives, tearing up families, and ripping through communities. We need to arm ourselves with the skills needed to offer our clients evidence-based behavioural interventions that will help them live healthy and productive lives.

Watch this interactive and cutting-edge training and learn creative tools and techniques to transform your practise. Learn powerful mindfulness interventions and motivational interviewing techniques to move your clients towards behaviour change. Master the four pain-changing CBT tools. You will leave with the skills and confidence to provide practical and life-changing help to help people move out of chronic pain and into active, healthy, and meaningful lives.

Book - Treating Chronic Pain: Pill-Free Approaches to Move People From Hurt To Hope

The best treatment for chronic pain isn’t found in a doctor’s office or pharmacy-it’s in the therapist’s office. Written by a mental health professional and a physician with over fifty years combined experience, this skills manual will teach you how to treat pain without pills and with confidence, using cutting-edge assessments, insights and interventions.

  • Proven CBT applications to improve quality of life
  • Mindfulness tools designed to reduce pain
  • Non-opioid medical options and alternative therapies
  • Session-by-session treatment plan for individuals and groups
  • Unique worksheets, guides, exercises
  • Case examples

Behavioral Treatment of Chronic Pain: Evidence-Based Techniques to Move People from Hurt to Hope
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