Stephanie S - Axton, Virginia

"This is one of the best trainings I have attended!"

Kaisa R - GALVESTON, Texas

"Thank you very much! I really enjoyed this course!"

Wendy C - WYCKOFF, New Jersey

"Fantastic training. Learning a great deal."

Peggy B - BATON ROUGE, Louisiana

"I enjoyed the course and plan to participate in future PESCI courses."

Prechelle S - CORONA, New York

"The training offers strategies that can be used immediately in one's practice and well-being. Excellent!"

Mary K - Winnabow, North Carolina

"great information available online! "

Lorna F - SHUSHAN, New York

"Well organized and presented. Dr. Gentry even remembered to go back to the ACE section after lunch, as promised."

Carol B - SILVER SPRING, Maryland

"This training increased my competency by 100% and the hope is that I will be able to pass this on to my clients."


"Great information and proves many of my intuitive treatments are scientific!"

Stacey C - Elmira, Ontario

"Would recommend this course to any helping professional."