Simone T - GALLOWAY, New Jersey

"Excellent program and presentation!"

Ruth S - Blair, Nebraska

"Great Course and timely."

Amanda L - Union City, New Jersey

"great job!"

Lee H - BEVERLY, Massachusetts

"Great course! Very knowledgeable. "

Grizell B - WASHINGTON, District of Columbia

"Excellent and timely. I will be rewatching the material/videos again, because there is so much information to digest."

Diane L - PALATINE, Illinois

"Pleased by the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of preparation and info presented by Joni Gilbertson. It helps us to be better, forethinking and far-thinking clinicians serving our clients and the community. "

Yolanda C - Decatur, Georgia

"Excellent presentation and information"

Marsha R - FRANKLIN, Indiana

"Thank you so much for offering this training as we are all adapting to Distance Therapy!!! Joni was very knowledgeable and did a great job with the webinar format and discussions. "

Wendy M - Charleston, South Carolina

"Excellent course. Youhad me downloading hard copies of my BAA's from all of the sites I use. Thank you."

Christina C - Nashua, New Hampshire

"Joni was very prepared. I appreciate the thorough information for this expanding mode of practice. The discussions with the participants and online questions from participants were more beneficial than anticipated. The training was fun despite being potentially a boring topic. "