Jenn L - JEANNETTE, Pennsylvania

"I enjoyed the humor and personal/professional examples used throughout the presentation."

Laura H - MINNETONKA, Minnesota

"Very helpful and I loved the speakers humor"

Emily S - Rochester, Minnesota

"Very interesting training, very good speaker. I would definitely attend a 2 day training on this topic"

Jennifer M - MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota

"first time with webcast and I really liked it! "

Hillary G - Rochester, Minnesota

"lots of info in too short of time"

Darcie J - MANKATO, Minnesota

"great presentation-helped me learn so much about a topic it is hard to find correct content on!"

Kelly S - LITHIA, Florida

"One of the best conferences I have attended in a long time!"

Christine B - LANCASTER, Pennsylvania

"This was an EXCELLENT presentation!! I learned a lot of information in an area I am not well versed in. Thanks so much!"


"great! thanks!"