Denise B - BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania

"Lane was an excellent presenter and held my attention the entire time."

Andrea M - TEMECULA, California

"I love using DBT and I was very happy with Lane's ability to articulate the model so clearly."

DREW S - Cincinnati, Ohio

"I enjoyed this training and found it helpful. Thanks!"

Kelly K - FARGO, North Dakota

"Great training. Thank you!"

Marin Engler M - REDMOND, Washington

"Wonderful presenter, clearly an effective and knowledgeable therapist. "

Dawn C - RALEIGH, North Carolina

"Lane is an amazing presenter, educator, performer, and therapist. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this program. I learned so much about how to better support my clients."

Ana Z - PLEASANT HILL, California

"Excellent app made it easy to listen to on the go"

Deanna S - AUBURN, California

"Lane Peterson is very knowledgeable. He has good delivery. "

Sarah R - London, Ontario

"I really enjoyed the course overall! "

Erika F - COLONIA, New Jersey

"Lane is very relatable and entertaining to learn from."