Kendra D - BLOOMFIELD, New Jersey

"Dr. Ludgate did a great job of presenting information in an engaging manner. I would definitely take another course with him!"

Angeliki F - Athens, Greece

"It is the first time I watch an online seminar like this and I have to say I am excited. I gained so much information in such little time, and although it is not my native language I had no problem understanding the lecture. Thank you for the pleasant and worthy exrerience."

Kathy M - INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana

"I thought this was a great course! I really enjoyed watching it. The handouts are very good and relevant to my practice."

Karen D - ELMHURST, Illinois

"I did this on-line! great presentation and loved your presentation style! I learned a lot!! Thanks"

Alan M - Peabody, Massachusetts

"Overall the presenter did a very good job in helping me understand CBT Therapy"

Shonn B - TULSA, Oklahoma

"Fantastic Speaker, made it very understandable and useful. Full of knowledge!"

Jamie H - FARMINGDALE, New York

"Dr. Ludgate is by far the best presented I have ever received education from. His material was perfect, he is well educated on this topic, provided great examples, and was more than prepared for all scenarios. "

Bryce W - Centennial, Colorado

"Great class!!! I learned a lot and will be applying this in my practice. "

Brenda B - Grand Rapids, Michigan

"This was an excellent training! "

Beth C - SPRING LAKE, Michigan

"Excellent humorous and articulate speaker with much knowledge of his speciality. Was pleasant and interesting and able to keep my interest and attention throughout presentation. I divided trn into segments over time."