Dave V - Vancouver, British Columbia

"Amazing course! As Frank mentioned, there is alot of information here. I am very glad I was able to break the 2-day seminar over a few weeks, so that I could allow more time to digest the material."

Deanna R - CASPER, Wyoming

"Support staff at PESI was very friendly and helpful"

Pamela H - CARLSBAD, California

"I am interested in continuing my training in IFS and would again take a course offered by Dr. Frank Anderson"

Lanette B - WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah

"First time attending a Pesi online seminar. Good experience and will do it again. "

Julie L - NORTH COLLINS, New York

"Thank you, PESI, for providing live training hours via webcast. The format was user-friendly, worked well, and is a much appreciated resource to complete required CEUs!"

Leslie B - LAWRENCE, Kansas

"This was an excellent training!"

Robin D - Elkhorn, Wisconsin

"Thank you for an amazing and profound professional training."