Nikki G - GREENWOOD, Indiana

"The presenter's use of the word "um" was distracting and it was frustrating not to be able to see video of demonstrations."

Heather K - NEW CITY, New York

"this is a wonderful course taught by a clear and emphatic teacher who conveyed the info with ease and in a way that kept the students interested and engaged"


"Beautifully done! I very much appreciate the information in this workshop."

Daniel G - Casper, Wyoming

"Enjoyed the webinar greatly!"

Jean G - EUGENE, Oregon

"One of the best trainings I've been to in a decade."

Sally R - FAIRBANKS, Alaska

"Great course ! I will begin using techniques tomorrow. I specifically took the class in order to better assist several patients. Thank YOU !"

Brenda H - LAKE OSWEGO, Oregon

"FANTASTIC TRAINING. One of the VERY BEST I have ever participated in. "

Linda S - Republic, Washington

"I am ever so happy that PESI is making trainings by Janina Fisher available. Thank you."

Jana V - Toronto, Ontario

"Wow! Fantastic course!"

ROSE-MARIE P - FPO, AE - Armed Forces Europe

"Fantastic training. I love that she explained that viewers could not see the video bcofof copyrights. She's the first ever to have done that. Love her style communicating, humor, organized training. LOVE, LOVE it!"